vitamin-b1.jpgVitamin B1 also known as thiamine is a water soluble vitamin of Vitamin B complex group. It helps to energies our body by converting sugar into energy. As it is water soluble vitamin, any extra dose of it, got eliminated through urine,it means a continuous supply of it requires in blood stream.


  1. Vitamin B1 is an essential part of our diet and deficiency of it causes beriberi, a condition that involves confusion, nerve problems.
  2. It helps in converting carbohydrate into glucose which is main source of energy to body.
  3. Vitamin B1 is a part of enzyme called Thiamine pyrophosphate which is necessary componant for cellular reaction in body.
  4. It is very helpful in ailments like cataracts, heart problems, alzheimer's disease.
  5. It regulates Fatty acid metabolism thus very important in normal development.
  6. It improves health of nervous system, skin, liver, eyes.
  7. it acts as anti stress agents and make the body immune towards stressful conditions.


Women should have 1.1 milligrams every day, and men should have 1.5 milligrams every day. Younger group require more a little more quantity of it than elder group


The deficiency of Vitamin B1 cause beriberi which may be either dry or wet type. Dry beriberi includes symptoms like pain in muscles and weakness in body. Wet beriberi have symptoms related to heart like difficulty in taking breath.
Deficiency of vitamin B1 is mainly seen in underdeveloped contries. In some conditions like stressful life, fever, pregnancy, breast feeding and adolescent our body require extra dose of vitamin B1. Alcohalism also cause deficiency of this vitamin.

People who are prone to Vitamin-B1 deficiency are:

  • Older people with age above 55.
  • Women who are pregnant or breast- feeding.
  • People who are living life in tension and stress.
  • People with Diabetes.

Source Of Vitamin B:

The best sources of Vitamin B1 are yeasts and liver.

The following foods are good sources of Vitamin B1:

  • Pork: It is thiamine rich diet. It is helpful in cleaning the sweet pores and give healthy skin.
  • Whole-grain cereals
  • Rye and whole-wheat flour
  • Wheat germ: It gives energy as well as fulfill our daily requirement of Vitamin B1.
  • Navy beans and kidney beans

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