stretch-marksStretch marks are a type of scarring that appears on the skin. These scars appear if skin is stretch beyond its natural capability. More than 80% of women during pregnancy develop these stretch marks due to body growth. Though these stretch marks are not harmful to body yet women feel embarrassed having these ugly marks on the skin.

Most of the time these ugly marks appear on the belly area but some women can enclose it on their breast, thighs or buttock areas also. To know about stretch marks makes it easier to  fight against it, so here are some facts that women should know about stretch marks

Things women should know about stretch marks:

  1. Stretch marks are a form of scar that appears on the skin. The most likely of their appearance is during pregnancy.
  2. You can also develop stretch marks during puberty due to rapid grow of body parts.
  3. Stretch marks can also appear as a result of body building. So it is important to choose body building program in such way that add muscle mass gradually.
  4. Skin contains a special protein, known as collagen fibers which are responsible for the elasticity of skin. Sudden increase in weight disrupts the natural order of these collagen and stretching of these fibers appears on skin as stretch marks.
  5. These stretch marks generally appear on skin as a series of sunken spots usually rough and uneven. For light color women, these marks generally shown as pink or light brown color and for dark skin women they come out as brown color.
  6. Genetics also plays role in the formation of these marks. So if your mother or sister has it then you are also at high odds.
  7. To avoid formation of stretch marks, you need to put gain gradually. This gives enough time for skin to stretch which is essential for the avoidance of stretch marks.
  8. In the last phase of pregnancy, when your body quickly gains weight, apply rich body creams, cocoa butter or olive oil on your skin.
  9. Keep yourself hydrated as it helps in maintaining the elasticity of skin. So drink plenty of water each day to avoid stretch marks.
  10. These stretch marks fade to slightly lighter color than the surrounding skin as the weight is lost.

These are few things that you should know about stretch marks. The market is filled with many lotions and creams that claim to get rid of stretch marks completely but there is no proof that they will definitely work for you. Surgeries are also available that helps in lessening the visibility of stretch marks but not completely.

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