pimple_treatmentIf you have a big occasion coming up and you are upset because you want to look your best and you have pimples and spots on your face, don't worry - it is possible to get rid of them quickly! It might be that you have an important interview or even that your wedding day is approaching fast - and suddenly, there is a big spot on your nose

which makes you feel as if it is like a beacon saying 'look at me'! The really good news is that even if you cannot get rid of the blemish completely, you can make it look much reduced in size, so that you can apply a suitable concealer and no-one will know that you ever had a problem!

Keep Your Face Clean:

Before you even start to think about tackling a pimple is to ensure that your face is as clean as possible and that you have used a cleanser suitable for removing any excess oils and acne bacteria from the surface. The next thing to do is to exfoliate your skin which will help to remove the pore-blocking debris (usually a mixture of dead cells from the skin and sebum). Exfoliating is possibly the single best thing you can do to help unblock your pores but you must be sure to use a product that is not too harshly abrasive as the last thing you want to do is cause any further inflammation.

Use Pimple Extractor Tools:

You could also consider using one of the pimple extractor tools on the market which are often inexpensive solutions to the problem and can be re-used many times. Proper use of an extractor tool is vital, but once you have mastered the technique, you can use it to remove any pus or fluid from inside the pimple as this is what is causing the inflammation and making the spot look red and angry. As I mentioned, it is vital that you use the tool properly, so be sure to follow the directions or check out one of the helpful videos available online which show you the technique for applying an extractor tool correctly. As mentioned previously, these are one of the most affordable options and are often on 'special' in stores and online at Amazon for example.

Sulphur Face Mask:

Another method of getting rid of pimples quickly is to use an overnight pimple treatment such as a sulfur face mask. These can be purchased pre-mixed and ready to use. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and if you have never used one before, do not use for the first time before a really big occasion in case of any reaction to the ingredients. A sulfur mask will be really effective at cleansing those blocked pores that are causing the pimples and blackheads on your face, if you enlist the help of a friend, you can also treat pimples on your back using one of these treatment masks. These masks also work to reduce inflammation in the skin which will make any blemishes look less noticeable.

Avoid Touching Pimples:

Another tip for ensuring speedy resolution of your pimple problem is to absolutely refrain from touching pimples with your fingers - or even worse, picking at them! After you have followed the appropriate treatment regime, try really hard to resist touching the pimple or pimples you have treated. If you do touch them, the likelihood is that you will make them worse rather than better because you will be introducing more bacteria and oils from the skin of your fingers to the cleansed skin of your face.

If you follow the suggestions above, you should be able to resolve your problem quickly. Sometimes the effect can be quite dramatic with a significant lessening of the appearance of your pimple in only a couple of hours or so. By thoroughly cleansing your skin, you will be drying out the pores, removing the source of the infection and helping to reduce the redness and inflammation. Following this process by using a pimple extractor tool can deal with both pimples and whiteheads and a similar tool can be used to treat blackheads as well. Of course, as with all skin blemishes, prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to try to keep your skin meticulously clean and take care of your complexion, acting quickly at the first sign of a pimple.

Ankita Author:

The author of this guest post invites you to visit her site Pimple Treatment Tips http://pimpletreatmenttips.com for advice on everything from home remedies, to product reviews and information about dermatologist treatments to regain your clear complexion.

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Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:20

its helpful ... but suggest some products that should be effective in clearing the face


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:22

hey, I have a question how do u remove pimples


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:22

To prevent them, i suggest do not touch your face with your hands. they are dirty and will cause more pimples.
use pimple face wash and wash your face twice a day.
and be sure to use moisturizer after washing your face.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:23

I myself suffer from this frequently. I find that if you utilize human feces and mix it with baking soda, a cream forms which you can apply every night before going to sleep. or you can rub it down with some toothpaste. colgate always works.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:23

Make sure you wash your face everyday with acne wash, and it will take time. I wash my face, do astringent, then do lotion. it works for me.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 21:24

Expoliation is one of the effective way to get rid of pimples.

Rifqie Shahab

Posted on: 09.12.2013 10:02

Egg yolk, (white) tooth paste, lemon juice, aloe vera, could be the other option. You can try, I wish it'll be useful :)


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