sun protectionHaving fun on a beach in the sun is extremely enjoyable. People think that it is full of fun, and there is nothing to worry. But there are things that may go wrong in taking fun under the sun on a beach. If you think that getting tan under the sun is gratifying for skin, then think again. Ultraviolet rays coming from sun may lead to skin burn, rashes and in the worst case skin cancer.

People think that not all UV rays are harmful but the truth is something else. There are two types of UV rays. One is ultraviolet A(UVA) and other is ultraviolet B(UVB). UVA rays have high energy and penetrate deep into your skin. They interfere with the body immune system and ultimately lead to skin cancer. UVB rays are burning type rays, which may give you sunburn and wrinkles.

A Tan is a sign of skin damage, which you receive due to UV rays. So you should always use sunscreen while having fun under the sun. Sunscreen comes with a number called SPF(sun protection factor). If your sunscreen has SPF number 10 than it will save you 10*20=200 minutes approximately 3 hours in the sun. Sunscreens and moisturizers help you from unwanted consequences, but you should be careful choosing the right product for your skin type. Lipstic are also equipped with SPF so they can be used while having fun on the beach in daytime Also you should note that no sunscreen can provide you 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Use sun protective clothing which are specially pre-treated with anti UV ingredients for combating against UV rays. Do not forget to use sunglasses for your eyes.

With all these precautions, you are now ready to move on the beach to have fun.

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