facial-waxingNow a day, it is very common for women to get their facial hair waxed. Facial waxing is very quick way to remove fine hairs of face. But if it is not performed in a right way, you may face many problems.

The skin area of face is very delicate and any harsh act on it may cause rashes, sore skin, red spots or pimples. But if you are aware of possible problems of facial waxing and what care should be taken to avoid it, you can easily prevent these problems.

Redness or inflammation:

One of the most common problems after waxing is redness or inflammation on the skin. One of the reasons behind it may be the ingredients present in wax. If you are allergic to a particular ingredient of wax, it is highly possible that you will develop redness or inflammation on your face after using it. You should avoid waxing after intake of caffeinated drinks or alcohol. These drinks stimulate the skin and make it more vulnerable to waxing. So you may face more soreness and redness on your face.

Change in Skin Color:

Some women skin become sensitive after waxing. The skin may turn darker after waxing in one or two days. If such is the case, your skin might be very sensitive to sun. You should use sunscreen with high SPF in such case. You should also avoid going into sun for one or two days after waxing.


Waxing on face may leave pores of face wide open. This in turn makes your face more susceptible to bacteria and cause infection. You should clean your face thoroughly after waxing.

Ingrown Hair:

One of the other problems related with waxing is ingrown hairs. Because waxing doesn’t remove all hair follicle from root, this becomes a common problem after waxing. To avoid such problem, you should exfoliate your skin gently before waxing. You should also do gentle exfoliating after a day of waxing.

Skin Irritation:

If the skin is irritated after waxing, you should sooth your skin. You can use cool compresses like ice cubes on your skin or use some soothing lotions. Aloe-Vera gel can also be applied to sooth the skin.
Red rashes, sore skin, pimples and ingrown hair are very common problem, and fade away with time fast in one or two days. But if these side effects last longer period of time, you should avoid waxing of your face.

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Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:47

I have fine facial hair on my face which I hate a lot. I know about facial waxing but my skin is very sensitive and leave red rashes whenever I do any experiment with my skin. Is it good for me to for waxing.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:47

You can try facial waxing and see if it suits your skin. Also keep in mind the tips provided in this article, so that chances of getting redness or soreness reduces


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:48

Some medication interfers with facial waxing and can make it more vulnerable to infection. Actually some antibiotics make your skin very sensitive and if you are on such medication and do facial waxing, you will end up in severe redness. So before doing face waxing, think about it darla.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:48

Also as suggested in article, don't take sunbath after waxing else you may get sunburn. So if you are going to take sunbath, make sure your face is equiped with some sun screen


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:48

The only side affect is some temporary redness and maybe some bumps on your face after waxing. If you are taking accutane, then you definitely should not wax. I wax my face and brows every week and I am an Esthetician. I have never had a bad reaction on a client with facial waxing. Just make sure you go to a professional.


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:50

I'm scared about the possible side effects for waving facial hair? I was told that it's most likely just going to be red. And also, it says that if you experience tingling or burning whilst waving, remove wax and strip but does it mean pull it off fast as if you were actually waxing. It also says to do the upper lip separately so if it does burn or tingle, shall I do the other side anyway?


Posted on: 24.02.2013 19:50

@cheapauthentic Bumps After Waxing


Posted on: 24.04.2014 15:05

I waxed my full face (sideburns, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, part of neck) 3 days ago. I have acne prone sensitive skin, and I broke out in a million little white heads and horrible red bumps all over the side of my face!!! I am just beside myself. I lt doesn't seem to be getting any better at all. I hate my facial hair and I have no idea what I can do next time to get rid of the hair and how long this rash/ breakout will last. Help !! :(


Posted on: 31.05.2014 22:29

I recently got my face waxed for the first time as a demo , i am a receptionist at a wax center . My face of course was very very red after but its been 7 days and today I woke up with a very very bad rash! Like my skin was burned . I will never wax my face again to say the least. I'm very fair skinned as well. Also I have very sensitive skin I should have known better . But you live and learn. But if it doesn't continue to get better I'm gonna have to see a doctor . I just don't recommend face waxing at all! Im putting hydrocortisone on my skin and some aloe hope that will help :/

Stacey Morrison

Posted on: 24.01.2015 07:01

Think i might try a facial hair removal cream. I wax upper lip, chin and brows. This cost me 22.00 to complete. Getting older and more hair surface


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