young-skin-careA quote says “Beauty is only skin deep”. True! Nevertheless, it is not a big sin to desire to look good - physically.

Glowing, youthful and supple skin is always a head turner. Have you been dreaming to have this kind of skin? With so many skin care products available in the market and skin care clinics, this dream seem very feasible.

However, we cannot deny the fact that some women have allergic reactions to certain products. That is why many still opt to go for natural means to take care of the skin. It may sound old and traditional; but, natural ways are a lot safer than other products.

It’s never too late to care for you skin even if you are at your golden age. But as much as possible, we should take care of our skin at an early age so that we can see the result of our efforts. While you are young (or young at heart), the following tips can be helpful to achieve a fresh-looking skin.

Proper Diet

Tired of hearing about the benefits of eating healthy food? Well then you should not. You are what you eat. If you are fond of eating unhealthy food, odds are you look pale and your skin is dry. Proper diet means consuming the right kind of food - well-balanced and not too much. Fruits like strawberries, berries and plums are good for the skin. These fruits are rich in antioxidant, which protects and repairs skin from free radicals. Low-fat dairy products are likewise friendly to the skin as they contain Vitamin A.

Drink Water

Water is very essential to keep our skin hydrated. Just imagine a soil without water, it looks very dry. Replenish your skin by drinking at least eight glasses of water (surely you have heard this so many times already). Why we need to drink plenty of water? Remember our skin is the largest organ in our body; thus, it requires lots of water to be hydrated. If you love caffeinated beverages, it is advisable to increase the water intake.

Get Enough Sleep

Think “beauty sleep” is a myth? Think again. Our bodies restore themselves while we are sleeping. During this time, dead skin cells are being replenished. If you only sleep for like - two hours, your body will not be able to do the job. Notice those people who lack sleep often look less attractive and pasty skin. On the other hand, people with good sleep have a flawless skin. Have a good sleep and sweet dreams!

Do Exercises

Perform simple exercises at least 20 minutes a day. There is no need to do hard workout. Just move your body like walking or jogging, enough to make you sweat. Sweating is a means of detoxifying your body and skin. As you move your body, it has good effect on your blood circulation which means the nutrients are properly dispersed to your entire body and skin.


One factor that has huge effect on our skin is stress. Try to relax. If you are too busy with your work, always find time to clear your mind. Talk with your best friend and discuss positive topics. Crank jokes and laugh out loud (not in public though). Have a massage or spa. Attend a yoga class. There are so many things you can do to relieve stress. Keep in mind that stress is a common culprit of having poor skin.

As mentioned, there is no age limit to follow these tips. Even if you are already senior, you can practice these techniques as long as you are still capable of doing them. But while you are young, pay attention to the need of your skin. Money wise - natural ways are practical rather than buying over-the-counter products. Instead of spending your money on these products, you can just save it.

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This article was written by Ashley O’connor. She loves to share tips about natural health and beauty. She also make reviews regarding medical and health related devices, such as medical guardian. Follow her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82, Google+ or add her on Facebook.

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Posted on: 10.05.2013 06:35

I want to follow you recipe. I love to use home remedies to keep my dry skin healthy. I heard to drink a lot of plenty of water is also harmful for the skin. Its averaged 3 - 4 liters per a day.


Posted on: 13.05.2013 06:39

These are really awesome tips that I could read here. I use to follow some of the tips but I was not aware the consequences of the same. Nice Read !!!


Posted on: 12.06.2013 21:42

Nice post man!!! congrats for blog!


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