brown-spots-on-faceOur skin is our dearest property. It serves many functions in body which include protection from external environment, health and beauty. While it protects us from external environment, it gets the most hit and which result in many imperfection on skin. These imperfection ruins the look and feel of skin and brown spots are one of such imperfection. Theses ugly Brown spots are also known as age spots or sun spots.

Cause of Brown spots:

The unsightly brown spots on skin are caused by excessive buildup of skin pigmentation called melanin. Here are some causes for brown spots on skin.

Sun Exposure:

Sun is the main cause of getting dark brown spots on skin. Overexposure to sun causes our skin to fight back against UV rays of sun and in this fight our skin produces more melanin to absorb UV rays. Excessive buildup of melanin in skin makes the skin brown which we see as dark or brown spots.

Hormone Imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance is another reason behind skin discoloration or brown spots. It often happens with women during or after pregnancy.


As we get older, skin natural ability to fight back is lessened and age spots or brown spots become more prominent.

Treatment of Brown Spots:

To avoid brown spots on skin, you must protect your skin from direct sun exposure. Also we need to find some effective way to reduce melanin in skin to normal level so that skin color lightens. Here are few simple home remedy that can work wonders on your skin.

Lemon Juice:

Put lemon juice on your face before going to bed in night for 15 minutes. Lemon juice reduces the dark pigmentation and lightens the color of skin. Avoid using lemon juice on skin in day light as sun exposure can give you burning sensation in presence of lemon residue.

Butter Milk:

Butter milk is another simple home remedy to treat brown spot. Apply butter milk over your skin and let it be there for around 20 minutes. Try this home remedy until brown spots fade away from your skin.

Vegetable oils:

Vegetable oils are good to for skin. Castor oil might be very beneficial as it enriches your skin with vitamin A, B and E. Avocado oils extracted from the fruits of avocado is also works wonders on skin. It creates a thin protective layer on skin that protects it from UV rays of sun. You can also use grape seed oil which repairs skin from sun damage.


Papaya is another natural home remedy that can be used to lighten the skin color. It is widely used in many skin care products. It inhibit melanin production thus even out tone of skin color. Take a ripe papaya and mash it. Apply this paste over the affected area of skin to get rid of brown spots.

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