skin careHave you ever consult a dermatologist for choosing moisturizers. The tip to select a moisturizer solely lies in your skin type. Though moisturizers are used for many purposes, but most of the time it is used to hydrate skin. Everybody hates dry skin and moisturizers are hassle free solution for you to get rid of your dry skin.

Moisturizers are products which are designed to retain moisture in your skin. Moisturizers are available in many forms in the market like creams, lotion and serums.

Before buying a moisturizer, consult your dermatologist. Different types of moisturizers are needed for different type of skin. If you have dry skin, then the moisturizer suggested for you will be quite different form the moisturizer which is suitable for oily skin.

The basic principle of moisturizer is getting absorbed in the skin and replenishes the moisture content of the skin. It also provides nutrient necessary for the skin to keep skin soft and supple. Moisturizers are extremely necessary for dry skin as dry skin creates many skin related problems like wrinkles, itching, dull complexion and rough skin. Moisturizes also make the skin feel sooth and healthy.

Other than hydrating the skin, moisturizers also carry various additives, which provides extra benefits to your skin. You should always look for these added benefits before buying the moisturizer.

Some moisturizers contain antioxidant which helps in fighting with dirt and oil. These antioxidants also slows down skin aging process by preventing break down of collagen and elastin.

In winters you should opt for thick moisturizers as in this season you skin suffer most from dryness due to dry weather. In summer, you can choose light moisturizers as in summer skin doesn’t dry off easily.
The chemicals present in the moisturizer can cause some problems like rashes on your skin if yours skin is highly sensitive. In this case, you should chose those moisturizers which include herbal ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.
If your skin is oily, you should use water-based moisturizers which contain oil free formulations.

If your skin is dry, you should choose moisturizers which are oil based.

Before applying moisturizer, wash your skin with a facial cleanser. Take a small quantity of moisturizer on your palm and use it on your face using upward circular motion.

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