double-chinDouble chin is not only the problem faced by overweight people but also occur with normal-weight people. As we grow older, the double chin starts to appear due to fat deposits or other reasons. The causes of double chin include excess fat, age and genetics.

Once you find the actual cause of double chin, it becomes easier to implement appropriate method to get rid of it. There are many surgical methods available, but facial exercise and proper diet can be the best way to get rid of double chin without surgery. Here, are some tips to avoid double chin.

Eat less:

You should avoid taking heavy and high calorie meal in your diet as it will lead to more fat in your body. By limiting the calorie, sugar and fat intake to your body, you can reduce body fat as well as fat deposits on your face.

Facial Exercises:

These exercise work on facial muscles like Masseter, Mentalis, Buccinators, and Platysma. These exercises involve smiling, tilting your head back, opening and shutting your mouth and making different facial gestures.

Velform Chin Wrap:

It is an anti-aging product which is primarily a gel type solution. It is applied on the neck along with mini massage. It tightens the skin and helpful in reducing the fat and hanging skin. It gives remarkably fast results which can be seen within one week.

Regular body exercise:

Regular body exercise help to reduce the fat of whole body.

Chewing Gum:

Chew sugar free gum daily as it makes the jaw move constantly which is a decent workout for your facial muscles.


it is highly controversial method to lose double chin. In this process, some chemical compounds are injected to melt the fat in the problematic area. The chemical used in the procedure varies and even if you have a favorable result, the method is very dangerous to adopt.


it is a surgical procedure where some chin implant is used to stretch the chin.


It is hugely expensive procedure which involves draining of fat, from the affected area. This is very risky method.

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Posted on: 10.01.2014 07:37

But you should take a suger free chewing gum because a tight chin and jawline look much better with healthy smile. if you want to say good bye to your double chin or face fat chubby cheeks or bloating of the face than start apply all of all type of double chin exercises given here. double chin is the result of collagen in your skin accumulate fat on your face. some time it are due to aging or heredity. so no one want to live with double chin because it make oldedr or heavier which is very ugly in looking. so if you want to remove it you have so much time.


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