Now a days not only women but also men are conscious about their look. Everybody wants to have healthy and glowing skin. For getting healthy and glowing skin, we use many costly products but these products give artificial glow which is not permanent, fades with time and also have some side effects.


Dark circle is a very common problem. Many people with dark circle make complain that they look tired, older than they are, completely exhausted, unhealthy and also lack confidence. Eyes are an important organ in our face which contributes more to beauty and self confidence but because of dark circle we could not achieve it.


Natural plant-based oils can work wonders for your skin. If you feel that your face is looking dull and has lost its glow despite using a good-quality moisturizer diligently, natural oil could be just the thing you need. Natural oils imitate the action of sebum, which is the skin’s oil secretion and lubricate and protect the skin. They seal in the moisture present in the uppermost layer of skin and also help the skin’s natural healing process.


Skin is an important organ in your body, one that contributes more to beauty. Taking good care of your skin will make you look attractive and feel good. Skin that is glowing and free from scars, pimples and blemishes makes you look attractive regardless of how simple you may be. Taking care of your skin will boost self-esteem.


Fancy soaking in some red wine or noodle broth? Don't mind having your face smeared with a paste made out of bird poop? Want to experience snakes slithering over your bare back? Not a problem, if you're up for a challenging adventure, following are 5 bizarre beauty treatments you need to try out, that will make your flesh crawl.


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