caffeine-during-pregnancyThere are so many things that pregnant women are told not to drink or eat and one of those thing is pregnant women are not allowed to consume caffeine. It has always been associated with the pregnancy problems. It is strictly advised not to consume alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy. But a cup of coffee is needed to make you fresh. Why is caffeine so dangerous? What are the problems a pregnant woman can face by consuming caffeine?


Consuming caffeine during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. When a pregnant woman takes caffeine, it passes to her baby through her placenta. It also leads to fetal in pregnant woman. It has been shown by the Kaiser Permanente Division of research that if a pregnant lady consumes 200 milligram of caffeine a day which is same as two cups of coffee, the miscarriage risk increases to 2 fold.

Birth Defects and Low Birth Weight

When baby is in your womb, it is under development stage. The system of the baby may not be developed to break down these chemicals. Thus the level of caffeine may arise within the child. The baby may face birth defects and low birth weights. If the pregnant woman consumes 500 milligram of caffeine a day, the baby may also face breathing problems and the heart rate may increase.

Increase Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

We all know that caffeine is stimulated. Consuming caffeine in large amount may increase blood pressure and heart rate of the pregnant woman.


Caffeine acts as diuretic which means that consumption of caffeine may increase loss of fluid from the body in form of flow of urine. It causes the body to get rid of excess water and may result in dehydration. Dehydration can lead to problems in fetus and fluid loss from body can also cause less amount of nutrition to the fetus which is not good.


Sometimes your stomach may secret acids. This may lead to heartburn to the pregnant woman. This can be much stressful situation to her.

Other Negative Effects

Consumption of caffeine leads to stillbirths, baby born whose testis fails to move into the scrotum and breathing problem in the early days of life.


As we can see above, how caffeine can harm you and your unborn baby. These problems can become sometime fatal and hard to avoid. There are many food products where you can find caffeine in it. Some of them are chocolates, coffee, tea, soft drinks. You may get caffeine even in some medicines as in pain killers. But if you are addicted to tea and coffee, you can try herbal teas. But always consult your doctor before taking herbal teas as they can be harmful to pregnant women and fetal development.

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