nausea-during-pregnancyAre you pregnant and upset with nausea, vomiting then you are not alone. Around half of the pregnant women suffer from this common problem during first trimester of pregnancy. It is very unpleasant feeling and known as morning sickness but unlike the name suggest it can happen any time of the day. The reason behind nausea is not very clear but it is believed that nausea during pregnancy is caused by hormonal changes. It is more common if you are carrying twins or triplets.

Is nausea during pregnancy dangerous?

Nausea during pregnancy is common and usually doesn’t harm the baby or you. But it could create problems for you and your baby if you become dehydrated or nutrient deficient due to excessive vomiting. The good thing is nausea during pregnancy does not last long for whole day and you feel hungry. If you become dehydrated due to prolong vomiting, a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum, you must take immediate medical help. If you vomit more than three times a day, your vomit contains blood then you must consult a doctor.

Women often experience morning sickness during early weeks of pregnancy and symptoms gradually become less severe as pregnancy progresses.

Is nausea a good sign of pregnancy?

Nausea or morning sickness during first trimester of pregnancy is a sign of healthy pregnancy. Nausea during early pregnancy sate that your body is releasing necessary pregnancy hormones to keep pregnancy healthy. Nausea during pregnancy reduces the risk of early pregnancy loss.

A lack of nausea during pregnancy doesn’t mean that there is a cause of concern. Some women are immune to pregnancy hormones and don’t show symptoms like nausea or vomiting.

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