alcohol-in-pregnancyIt’s a dangerous thing to consume alcohol during pregnancy. It severely affects the unborn infant health. It leads to major health disorder to the child or in some cases it leads to death of the child in serious condition. The mother should think over the unborn child health and to avoid consuming alcohol. The mother should take care of all her food habits not only for the alcohol, because each and every food taken by the mother, affects the infant in her. It’s a mother's responsibility to take care of her child healthy growth.

Let’s see the problems for the child due to the alcohol intake during pregnancy

  • Heart defects
  • Physical disabilities
  • Abnormalities in physical structure
  • Mental retardation
  • Malfunction of inner organs
  • Premature babies
  • Low birth weight

Heart Defects

The infants are affected by the heart defects due to the intake of alcohol by their mother. It may be heart murmurs, a hole in the heart, malfunction in working of the valves in the heart, reduction in heart beat rate.

Physical Disabilities

Some child may have physical disabilities which are caused by the alcohol consumption. It may be the disability in skeletal and Neuro muscular system. Some children affected by the hearing and vision impairment.

Abnormalities In Physical Structure

Some child has the abnormal physical structure like small jaw, big head, drooping eyelids, increase or decrease in the number and length of arms, legs and fingers, irregular body shape.

Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is the serious condition due to the intake of alcohol during pregnancy. It affects their learning and communication capabilities. Child affects with various types of mental retardation like cranial anomalies, microcephaly, etc.

Malfunction Of Inner Organs

It may be a kidney and urinary defects, or it may be affected with multiple organ dysfunctions Syndrome. Problems may be in respiratory system, digestive system or deficiency in the blood cells.

Premature Babies

The baby which born too early is called as the premature babies. This premature is due to the alcohol intake by the mother during pregnancy period. It leads to several health problems like jaundice, anemia, abnormal growth in the eye blood vessels etc.

Low Birth Weight

Some infant’s weight may below 3 pounds and it leads to various serious issues. It leads to inability to maintain the body temperature, gastrointestinal problems, breathing problems, developmental delay, decreases in immunity level and in some time leads to sudden infant death syndrome.

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Well Said, these are the points which every one should take into consideration. Thanks for sharing helpful information.


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