Pregnancy is probably one of the best things that women experience in their life but this experience doesn’t come only with happiness. The happiness of pregnancy comes with many small problems that pregnant women face during this period. Most common problems are morning sickness, nausea, back pain, constipation which every woman go through during pregnancy. But there are some problems which some women can face if they do not take care of themselves. Flat feet (over pronation), swollen feet cracked heels are those small problems.


For women, having a baby is one of the most prestigious and dreamed gift. There is no price that can surpass the pleasure and happiness pregnancy gives a mother and nothing else in the world can parallel this feeling. The pleasure and mirth however come at the price of a tremendous amount of pain and endurance.


It’s a dangerous thing to consume alcohol during pregnancy. It severely affects the unborn infant health. It leads to major health disorder to the child or in some cases it leads to death of the child in serious condition. The mother should think over the unborn child health and to avoid consuming alcohol. The mother should take care of all her food habits not only for the alcohol, because each and every food taken by the mother, affects the infant in her. It’s a mother's responsibility to take care of her child healthy growth.


There are so many things that pregnant women are told not to drink or eat and one of those thing is pregnant women are not allowed to consume caffeine. It has always been associated with the pregnancy problems. It is strictly advised not to consume alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy. But a cup of coffee is needed to make you fresh. Why is caffeine so dangerous? What are the problems a pregnant woman can face by consuming caffeine?


Have you been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and wondering why it’s taking so long? Do you want to know what is stopping you from getting pregnant fast? Don’t worry… It’s completely normal to ask these questions when you face trouble getting pregnant.


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