organic-honeyHoney is a golden color sweet syrup which is produced by honey bees extracted from nectar of flowers. The natural honey is the honey which is collected from the beehive, and the synthetic is the one which is synthesized. At the time, artificial honey is not possible, but many additives are added with natural honey to change its farm and to make it more useful with respect to storage, color, look and taste.

A new name organic honey has entered in the market which sells at somewhat higher price than the traditional honey available. What is organic honey? We will see in this article.

How Honey is Produced:

Honey farming is done in the farm areas or in large gardens where generous number of plants and flowers are available from where bees can collect pollen and nectar. Professional beekeepers use specialize equipments for proper nurturing of bee hives, chemical to protect bee hives from parasites and diseases. Extracting equipments are required to obtain honey from honey combs. After extraction, the  honey is passed through some physical processes and chemical treatments, before packaging and reaching in the market for sell.

Organic Honey:

The label organic honey is provided to the honey which is made after following specific standards from beekeeper, processor and packager. Standards for making organic honey cover:

Bee farming should be done in an area which is free from chemical residue. Pesticides should not be used on the plants and flowers from where bees are collecting nectar. Nurturing of bees should be done in a natural way, not by using of chemicals, which may remain as a residue in the final honey extracted. Heating of honey to kill the bacteria should be done at a temperature specified by USDA standards. Chemicals should not be used in the extraction process, and there should not be mingling of organic and non-organic honey during packaging.

All these condition makes it extremely difficult to get an organic honey label. But the procedures which are required to succeed in making organic honey, make the people strive for organic honey even at extra price. People also claim that organic honey has better taste, but no proof is available.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:34

I am a big fan of honey but never thought much about difference in natural and organic and non-organic honey. I will now look for organic honey and will see if it taste really better than natural honey.


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