videogameComputers games are one the most popular pleasure system which is tremendously popular in teenagers and kids. Kids now days can be clearly seen in game cafes extremely active in playing computer games. Excessive playing on a computer may have a detrimental effect on health as well as social development of your kid.


What is computer Games:

Computer games are a new innovation of science which is now becoming an essential aspect of entertainment. In real games you physically incorporate in the game and play against a real opponent. But in computer game you virtually perform and also play against virtual opponent. The game is controlled by computer keys and doesn’t involve any physical activity. Computer games have become popular because there is nothing to worry about injury, and you are laced with superhuman-powers to confront your opponents, which are not possible in real-life sport games.

Behavioral Changes from computer games:

Studies show that computer games are influencing the behavior and psychology of kids greatly. In most of the computer games, violence is rewarded, and this is changing the behavior of kids and making them aggressive. Studies also show that computers games create more adverse effect than other media like movies and TV. Playing computer games when become addiction, it affects the academic performance of kid. There are many parents who are suffering from this problem.

Health Related Problems:

Playing game constant in front of computer can cause many health problems like neck pain, back pain, vision problem. It also hampers the physical development of kid due to reduced participation in physical games. Due to reduced physical activity children may also suffer from obesity and other muscular disorder.

Benefit of computer games:

There are some benefits of computer game. It improves kids eye and hand coordination. Some games can improve your child abilities in  instant decision and better logical thinking.  Some computer games are designed to increase learning and vocabulary of child and give excellent results as they promise.

Parents Responsibility:

It is the parents who should observe that what kind of game is being played by their kid. Violence and aggressive games are dangerous for little kids. You should encourage them to play outdoor games because it is hugely crucial for physical development of small kid. If they are seriously happy to play computer game you can let him play quiz games, word games or learning games which helps in improving the IQ of your kid.

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