laptop-theftLaptop has become a regular part of our day to day activity. Whether surfing on the internet or watching videos or listening music, use of the laptop has increased manifold. Laptop also stores our personal pictures, videos and many other data. It is extremely shocking experience if somehow our laptop got stolen. Though it seems hard to believe that something big like laptop can also be stolen, but if you don’t take proper precaution, you may be the next victim. Our laptops can be stolen easily with our carelessness or by creativity of the thief. There are also chances that it may be taken forcefully by some criminal. Laptop doesn’t come in cheap price so it is better to be careful and follow these tips before it gets stolen.

Keep an eye:

Always keep an eye on your laptop. It is the simplest and cost-free method to protect your laptop from laptop thieves. Don’t let your laptop unattended, at public places like coffee shops.

Avoid Excess Show-off:

Don’t carry your laptop in highly expensive show off bags. It makes thieves more tempting towards steeling your laptop.

Use visual locks:

Using visual locks can be tremendously helpful to prevent laptop theft. Thieves usually try to steal things which are less secure. Using a visual lock discourage their intention to put their hand on your laptop. Though professional thieves are exception.

Use Universal Security Slot (USS):

Before buying your laptop, check if your laptop has universal security slot. Now a day most of the laptop comes with this slot. Use this slot with security cable and a fixed object to immobilize your laptop.

Data protection:

Laptop contains your personal information which may be terribly damaging to you if it goes in the hands of some wrong person. You should always use encryption tools to protect your personal information otherwise you may soon see other shocks after your laptop got stolen.

Operating system security:

Protect your operating system with a strong password. You must set a Login password to start your system. It will secure your personal data from immature thieves digging inside.

Data Backup:

Always keep a backup your vital data. These data may be useless to the thief but it may be extremely important to you and can create havoc in your life.

Laptop theft is always a painful experience but the tips above can help you in reducing the chances of your laptop getting stolen and diminish problems which you may face after laptop theft.

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Posted on: 10.02.2013 16:35

Another way to secure data on your laptop is creating strong passwords on all applications. It is also very helpful to clear your browser history often and log out every time. There has never been a surefire way to prevent data misuse but at least you did your part and you know the basics. ;)


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