computer-eye-strainNo doubt computer has changed our lifestyle and we can do a lot of things like paying payments, online ticket booking, getting desired information without any trouble with few clicks on keyboard. It has now become an integral part of our home as well as office life. With all the easiness in life provided by computer, there is one side-effect, and that one is strain and stress on our eyes.

Continuous looking at the computer screen can lead to headache and blurred vision. So should we avoid using the computer to keep our eyes healthy? The answer is yes but as we know we are in an age where we cannot avoid use of computer. In this article, we will discuss some tips which we can follow to keep our eyes free from stress and fatigue.

Cause Of Eye Strain:

Research says that modern computer screens emit very little or no radiation that can cause problems to our eyes. So what is causing strain on our eyes? The answer is surrounding atmosphere of the screen and our posture while working on computer.

Tips to keep Eyes Free from Stress and Strain::

  1. Keep your eyes away from the computer screen around 25 inch or 2 feet.
  2. Place your monitor in level with your eyes. If you can not change the level of monitor, use chairs with adjustable level to keep your eyes in level with computer screen.
  3. Use anti-glare screen over the monitor to reduce stress on your eyes.
  4. Use LCD screen instead of CRT monitors. LCD monitors cause less radiation and therefore easier to eyes.
  5. Lighting in the room should be on side walls. The lights in the room should not be in a position that comes to your eyes directly while watching on screen or by reflection from screen.
  6. The background wall behind your monitor should not be polished and light reflecting as it will distract you as well as impart more pressure on your eyes.
  7. Don’t gaze at the computer screen continuously. Close your eyes for some time in between if you are working for a long time.
  8. Don’t stare at the computer screen. Keep your eyes blink rate normal while watching on screen. Blinking re-wets your eyes and prevents it from irritation and stress.
  9. Take short breaks, stand up from chair, take a short walk and look all around  to refresh your eyes.
  10. Massage muscles around your eyes if you feel tightness. Regularly do some eye exercises to keep your eyes fit.
  11. Include vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E rich food as a part of your diet. Carrot and spinach are suitable for your eyes.
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