pure-waterWater is the miraculous liquid on the planet earth which is the main cause of our existence. It has many remarkable health benefits. Our body is made of 75% water. Drinking plenty of water daily is truly necessary to keep your body healthy and hydrated, but this incredible liquid can be extremely dangerous to body if consumed with impurities. So it becomes exceedingly essential to purify water before consuming it. There are many ways to purify water at home which includes filtration, disinfection and safe storage. In this article, we will learn some basic tips to purify water.

Filtration at the water source:

First step to purify the water is to protect it from getting contaminated from the source itself. The water source from where we are getting water may contain chemical pollutants like pesticides, arsenic and selenium. Chances are there that the water that we are getting contains biological contaminants.

There are many filters available which allows water to pass through the filter, but traps pathogens in the water. Installing such kind of filters can be extremely useful in removal of biological contaminants.

For Chemical pollutants, the best option available is to pass water through charcoal filters. These filters have active sites on which water impurities get absorbed and the water that we collect in glass doesn’t hold these impurities. These charcoal filters become saturated with impurities after some time, and stop removing pollutants, so these filters need to change periodically one saturated.


Sometimes the water that we get from the faucet contains some visible powdery particles which make the water turbid. These particles provide an excellent place for clinging to pathogens, so it is extremely necessary to allow these particles  settle before drinking.


There are chances that some of pathogens or chemical pollutants may skip through filtration and sedimentation step. Municipalities often add chlorine to remove remaining pathogens, but the simplest way that you can follow at home is to expose the water in sun light for some time. This will almost kill everything inside the water. Boiling water is also a preferred way to disinfect water in the home.


The water that you have purified with the use of so many process steps, needs to be stored in a safe place, where it could not get contaminated further. For that always ensure that the container that you are using to store water is free of any foreign material. The container must contain a cap at the top to prevent ingress of any impurities further.

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