second-child-syndromeAfter the first child is born, your second child does not receive such treatment like the first one. There are many reasons for it. The second pregnancy doesn't come up with a lot of surprises for you as you know it all in your first pregnancy. In second birth, you does not feel unique experience as you already felt it in first one. Because of the repeated procedure, the second birth does not come with immense enthusiasm, and it is usually seen that parents do not feel similar excitement, as in the first one. If this impression carried on, the second child start feeling ignored, and it leads to sibling rivalry.

Most of the time second child syndrome is found in the behaviour of second child who thinks that the parents don't give much thought to him and love the first one more. If you believe that your child is showing symptoms of second-child-syndrome  the  you should follow some basic rules to make him believe that he is equally valuable to you.

1. never match the child to his sibling.

2. never say to your child to be like other.

3. Give the enough amount of time and devotion to your all children.

4. Try to win the heart of second child with love and affection.

5. If you start ignoring second child because of his misbehavior, it will make him more negative.

6. Give proper consideration to the child and encourage him to do his best.

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