children-lieLying is a skill, but we do not like our children lying. Children used to lie to avoid blame and punishment. There are many other reasons for lying. It also depends on the age of children. Though all the children lie, some are continuing liar and need help from their parents. This category of children doesn't feel happy about themselves.

Small age children may lie because they do not see the difference between truth and falsehood. For this age of children, parents need to avoid punishment. Parents should explain their children about the difference between falsehood and truth. In the other case if your child is knowledgeable and he is lying to gain some advantage or he is lying to avoid some punishment, then this is a real concern. Parents should make them understand the importance of telling the truth and what is wrong in lying and if demand they should be punished.

The Reasons - Why Children Lie:

  • If the Kid is scared of his mistake, he often lies to cover up or to protect his friend
  • To present oneself great with lying
  • To avoid unpleasant task like "Did you drink milk- yes mom" To impress others

What should Parents Do:

  • Parents need to set up an admirable example in front of kids and set up a trust in children mind that being honest is the way to behave.
  • If you know the Kid is lying, then change your discussion on what was the problem rather than blaming.
  • Give children very mild punishment on speaking truth than they are lying. As confessing truth is extremely difficult than lying and if your child is confessing, thank him for telling the truth.
  • If you let the child get away with his lie, it will assist him more, so do not do this.
  • Make a compelling concept in home that telling the truth is must in any position, and it is the way to behave
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