relaxIn this fast-growing-world where we all are intensely busy in matching the pace of the world, we are slowly and slowly forgetting the word relax. People with depressed, sad and weary faces can be seen all over the world. Working day and night in a world filled with stress is taking away delight from our life. Once you allow stress to enter into your life, it significantly impacts your health and  leads to state of illness in the long run. Relaxation is a way to counter stress from your life and make it peaceful and healthy.

Recognize your problem:

First step to counter stress is to know why you are in tension. There may be many reasons like nonstop work, carrier, headache, irritation, improper diet and disappointment. Once you find out the reason with a quiet mind imagine how to solve the problem. There are many ways to achieve relaxation.


It is well proven that doing exercise daily reduce the stress significantly.

Yoga and breathing techniques:

Yoga is especially useful in relaxing your mind as well as body. Slowing down your breath and making your mind free from any thought and feeling for 5-10 minutes yield immense relief from stress. Practicing meditation in the presence of an instructor each day is extremely valuable in stress removal.


Avoid food that contains excessive sugar. Use herbal tea in place of coffee. Fruits, green vegetables and low-calorie protein are the best diet to reduce stress.

Positive Thinking:

Positive thinking is an art of life. It helps in making the body calm and soothe. Always listen before react, choose your words carefully. Don’t do anything that makes you feel guilty afterwards.

Reading books:

Reading books is a fantastic way to relax. It not only enhances knowledge but also reduce stress. Concentrating in the story of book frees you from the outside stressful world and makes your body calm.

Involve in activities:

You should always involve yourself in some extra curricular activities that interest you. It helps you in keeping your mind free from problems.

Spent time with positive people:

You should always fill your time with the people who are positive thinker and always seems cheerful.

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