air-pollutionAny changes in the atmosphere which is not acceptable to human health is known as air pollution. As our life style is changing, uses of automobile motor cars, industrial products has been increased which is contributing a lot in air pollution. Every day we inhale around 20,000 lit of air, and because of the toxic contaminants present in the atmosphere, it goes straight inside our body and poses a serious health risk.

Main Contributor:

Auto emissions are the main contributor of air pollution now days. Increased reliability on fossil fuels for running vehicles has increased oxide of Nitrogen and Sulfur, carbon mono oxide and volatile hydrocarbons in atmosphere. Chemicals and dust coming out from the factory and mixing into air also contributing in air pollution.

Health problems due to air pollution:

There are many health problems associated with air pollution, but most of them are connected with our respiratory system. The harmful chemicals of air can be absorbed by blood and transported throughout the body also affects our health a lot. It is not just outside air but also inside air of your house can be polluted enough to raise numerous health risks. The main health problems associated with air pollution include:

  • Irritation in eyes, as well as respiratory tract caused by powdery particles present in the air.
  • In highly polluted air, problems like chest tightness, burning sensation in eyes arises.
  • Bronchitis and emphysema are some medical disorders which results from air pollution
  • Air pollution increases the likelihood of acute or severe asthma.
  • Lung cancer or heart related problems can also be the outcome of air pollution.

How to protect yourself from air pollution:

  1. There are several air treatment systems which are designed to clean air. These equipments oxidize organic odor, fungi and germs present in the air and make the inside air of your home safe to inhale.
  2. Avoid doing exercise in a polluted environment. During exercise, the lungs need more and causes more pollutants to  reach  body.
  3. Afternoon or midday is the time when air pollution reaches its peak. So avoid going outside during these hours.
  4. If you are working in pollutant area, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol) to keep your respiratory tract moist.
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Posted on: 30.08.2014 23:57

Ensuring you are supplementing with a high quality antioxidant complex is also very important to help combat the pitfalls of living in a polluted area. Antioxidants are our body's number one defense against these exogenous toxins.


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