first-aid-kitSmall health problem like small injury, developing cold is very common in a family. These problems normally don’t require immediate doctor involvement instead you can treat it in your home based on your experience and knowledge. Even in emergency cases it is possible to save life by providing basic treatment before the arrival of expert medical team. These basic treatments require some basic stuff that you must have in case of any need.

First aid kit is the collection of these basic stuffs which can be very useful at the time of urgency. First aid kits have been proved very useful in case of small accidents or falling ill.

There are many first aid kits are available in the market. You can buy it from a local drugstore or you can make one yourself personalized for your family need. If you are planning to make a personalized first aid kit, you must keep few things in your mind.


You must choose a suitable size waterproof plastic container. The kit should be cleaned and easily operable. It must be lightweight and preferably equipped with a handle for ease of transport. For home use, big container with a range of first aid items is advisable but a mini portable kit with extremely necessary stock items is a must while traveling or on vacation.

Must have stock Items:

There is little stuff that you must keep in your first aid kit. It includes cotton, adhesive tape, soap, antiseptic solution, bandage, scissors, safety pin, thermometer and a torch. You can also include hand gloves and face mask in the kit.

Must have medicines:

You should also keep some stock of very common medicines which are used in fever, diarrhea, cold and other common health ailments. If your family members have some specific ailment like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, you can customize your medicine stock based on your family member needs.

Emergency numbers and Notes:

You should keep some notes in your first aid kit which include contact number of your family doctor or local hospital. Also if any of your family members has allergy towards any medicine, you can keep a note inside the kit to avoid any mistake in emergency and panic situations. You can also add some note that should clearly tell that which medicine to use under which condition. These notes can be quite useful in your absence.

You should also do a periodic check of your medicine stock to avoid of any use of expired medicine at the time of need.

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