deodorantsExcessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is an uncomfortable condition which many people suffer. And if the excessive sweating comes with body odor, it irritates a lot. People feel ashamed in shaking hands or talking in close proximity because of excessive sweat and the odor of it. People try to figure out what deodorant or antiperspirant should buy to tackle this problem and if you are one of those people this article will give you some insights of deodorants and antiperspirant.



There is a significant difference in the functioning of deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants as the name suggest are fundamentally de-odor-ants, it means they are made for removing the odor of the sweat.

They are not meant to prevent sweating so if you have any hope in your mind that, before buying a perfume that it will help you in diminishing the sweat of your body then you are wrong. There are some deodorants that come with antiperspirants which can help you in reducing the sweat. These types of deodorants contain some label which will be similar to word ‘dry’. One thing you should always remember is that the sweat in itself doesn’t have odor. It is the bacteria that start growing on skin in the presence of sweat and results in smell. Deodorants are made to cover this scent with some pleasing smell and not to restrict sweat.


Antiperspirants are the products that substantially reduce the production of sweat. Antiperspirants contain some chemical that block the pores of sweat glands and thus prevent sweat from accumulating on the skin surface. Most common material that it contains is aluminum chloride, which absorbed over the skin and blocks the pores. The effectiveness of antiperspirant depends on the amount of aluminum chloride in it. Some antiperspirants also contain some components which act as deodorization. Typical amount of aluminum chloride in antiperspirant varies from 1-5% but strong antiperspirant can accommodate up to 15-30%.  Higher number of aluminum chloride can cause irritation on your skin so if you have sensitive skin, you must consult a dermatologist before using such strong antiperspirants.

These are some basic guidelines which will help you in understanding deodorants and antiperspirants and helps you in deciding what to buy for yourself.

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