good-night-sleepDoes lack of sleep causes gain in weight? Is there any relation in late night sleep and weight gain? Many times we sleep very late at night due to our favorite night show, some exciting news or due to relatives at home. All these events make us go to bed very late and even after going to bed, we could not sleep because of excitement or worries of the day. The studies say that if you are an evening person, then you are on a path of slowly unhealthy weight gain which will create many other health problems lately in your life.

Insufficient sleep cause poorer blood glucose level control which results in lack of energy in your body. You feel sleepy and tired in your day work. To overcome this, your natural inclination makes you to consume coffee or tea. This in turn reduces the quality of sleep at night. This cycle goes on and you feel regular lack of energy and sometimes body pain. Lack of energy also makes you opt for high calorie food like pizza, wafers or burgers which taste yummy. All these junk and fast food came with a gift of obesity.

There are two hormones ghrelin and leptin that are responsible for making the energy balance of the body. Ghrelin production increases the desire for food and leptin act as appetite suppressant. Body keeps balance of these two hormones in such a way that we feel hungry whenever our body needs energy and vice-versa. The lack of sleep stimulates the production of ghrelin and reduces the production of leptin. Both these changes make you feel that you are hungry but in actual you don’t need food. In this way, you start gaining extra weight because of the lack of sleep.

To tackle this problem, you should take your night sleep without any fail. You can take sleep inducing foods if you are feeling difficulties in sleeping. You can try a cup of warm milk before going to bed. Good night sleeps not only make your body fresh and in right shape but also make your skin fresh and healthy, free from pimples or acne.

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