If you regularly read nutrition news and stay abreast of the latest fitness phenomena, you probably are keeping your mind and body fit - but what do you know about the health of your loved ones? While you are getting the appropriate servings of fruits and veggies, your kids might continue to snack on sodium and sugar, and your parents may be guzzling soft drinks without a care for their effects. Just because you understand the importance of physical fitness doesn’t mean your loved ones do. Here are all the reasons you should take a more active role in your family’s diet and exercise plans.


The symptoms are everywhere - uncleanliness and unhappiness, among others - and the disease is the same: America’s communities are unhealthy. Not only is obesity and the related health problems (heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others just as insidious) on the rise, but the general atmosphere of apathy and distaste for one another is causing more problems than can be told.


Podiatric problems can be matters of grave importance and without proper treatments this problems are likely to worsen and can result in long term damages. Podiatric problem involves various kinds of foot problem such as deformity of bone, infection on the foot area and other associate problems.


If you've finally reached the point in your life where you're ready to end the destructive cycle of drug abuse, that is a huge step. Guidance during the process is essential for your future success. This article will explain some features of worthwhile programs, so you can make an informed decision.


With the recent news reports of hundreds of travelers getting sick on cruise ships, many people are wondering whether they can go on vacation without coming home with an unwanted souvenir. After all, what’s worse than expecting a few days of R & R, only to end up horribly ill while you are on vacation or right after you get home?


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