iron-rich-foodIron is one of the key mineral of our body that is essential for smooth body function. It is building block of hemoglobin which found in red blood cells. Hemoglobin Transports oxygen from lungs to the other part for power generation. Having a lack of iron cause less power generation in the body which results in dizziness, fatigue and exhaustion. Very low iron in body leads to an anemia, A medical condition of low-hemoglobin count.


Reasons for low Iron:

The main cause of low iron in blood is malnutrition. If your diet is not including iron rich food, it will finally leads to low iron in body.Symptoms of iron deficiency:

Lack of iron in body results in fatigue, due to hampered oxygen transport in the body. People get tired easily, feel dizzy and tired. So if, you are facing the same problem, then chances are there to have low-iron content in the body.

Iron sources:

There are two types of food sources that provide iron.

  1. Heme iron: It is found in animal products and easily absorbed by the body.
  2. Non-heme Iron: It is found in vegetable products. Vegetable contains lower amount of iron than animals. At the same time, non-heme iron doesn't absorb by the body easily.

A clear Idea of iron sources will lead to a happy lifestyle that will make you free from fatigue and exhaustion.

Foods containing Heme iron:

  1. For non-vegetarian people, a great source of iron is red meat. Darker the flesh, more the iron content.
  2. Liver contains a lot of iron but pregnant women should avoid it as it is also rich in vitamin A, create a problem with child birth
  3. Iron is also found in egg yolk and Fish
  4. Sea foods like oysters and shrimp

Foods containing Non-Heme iron:

  1. Vegetables with green leaf like spinach are a good source of iron
  2. Dry fruits
  3. Grains especially wheat, millet, brown rice, bran
  4. Mushrooms  and sweet potatoes

Vitamin C boost the potential of absorbing iron in the body. If you are non-vegetarian, you should consider taking iron rich food along with vitamin C to help your body in absorbing iron. Fruits like banana, apple, orange, tomatoes are a abundant source of Vitamin C.

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