chinese-herbal-medicine The oldest form of healthcare that is known to mankind is referred to as alternative herbal medicine. If you take a look at the history, you will discover that man has been utilizing herbs for various purposes as long humans have been on this planet.


It is a fact that nearly all cultures have made use of herbs, and they played a very important role in the development and prospering of civilization. The various researches done on this type of medication show that Chinese herb have been used for health purpose from a very long time. In fact primitive man made the best use of the plants and herbs that were at their disposal.

History of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The medicinal use of plants was developed by observing the reactions of wild animals to them, and established to its best form through trial and errors. Information regarding the use of herbs was methodically collected by people, and they were used in ancient ages to fight with a lot of diseases and disorders. There was a lot of time spent in order to compare these results and come up with the best possible solution. As a matter of fact, countless medicines and drugs that you use today have an herbal origin. Nevertheless, conventional medicine overshadowed the popularity of alternative herbal medicine for some time, but this form of treatment is gaining popularity again.

Ancient Alternative Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Herbs were first utilized as medicines by the early human tribal societies. Grasses and other plants were chewed by the natives to reduce stomach pains and similar problems like these. Some of the people studied the effects of herbs and became herbalists of their time. Ancient Chinese society also discovered and used a number of herbs. There is a research which shows that it has been used from almost 5000 years. The current concept of alternative medicine has some forerunners amongst which the name of Chinese traditional medicine is highly prominent. This form of medicine was then widely spread among a number of Western nations including Europe, Korea, and Japan. The medicines were used to treat the patient, and then maintain the health.

Taoist Philosophy of Chinese Herbal Medicines

A strong human body will not be ill; this is a Taoist philosophy on which the Chinese traditional medicine is based. Therefore, instead of treating the disease directly, it aims to heal the body and mind of the individual to achieve strong health. The principle of that is to use nature’s direction to heal the body and soul of a person. An example of Chinese traditional medicine is the process of acupuncture which is still widely used.

Benefits of Chinese herbal medicines

No side effects

The reason behind this is that alternative herbal medicine relies on natural substances and herbs to deal with illnesses, and can restore overall health. The treatments provided under this medicinal mode are mainly natural. Hence, there are no risks of side effects.

Treating array of diseases

Chinese herbal medicines have been used for ages to treat different kinds of diseases and disorders. These include diseases like mild headaches, digestive disorders, pain in the joints, etc. Even problems associated with emotional illnesses can be treated with these medicines. For instance, problems like sleeplessness and anxiety are also solved by using these medicines.

Curative measures

Chinese herbal medicines are also used for preventing different kinds of diseases. The focus is on consuming medicines that do not have any side effects, but aid in preventing various kinds of skin and internal health problems. The technique of looking at the tongues and nails is widely followed by the Chinese doctors, and they look for any signs of weakness or signs to analyze what can go wrong. The doctors carefully diagnose the patient’s condition and then decide to start with the preventive herbal medicine. For instance, regularizing high blood pressure helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Through the old techniques, it is also possible to detect certain illnesses before they strike. This is based on the genetics and tests.

Applicable for all ages

Chinese herbal medicines work for all ages because they are free from side effects, they are safe and mild too. The treatment procedure may take time, but most medicines are safe for all age groups, which makes it more versatile in use.

So the next time you are suffering from health issues give a careful thought on the treatment procedures, and go for this type of treatment which has a lot of benefits and no side effects, these Chinese herbal medicines will work as a great alternative!

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Cheese herbal remedies has been around for centuries and they have been very effective. Take Ginseng for example, it is an ancient Chinese herb and possesses a wide variety of medicinal benefits.


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