heart-pulpationPalpitation is considered to be an abnormality in the heartbeat of a person and is something that is common among people. It is something that gets largely unnoticed but in some cases heart palpitation is accompanied by dizziness or difficulty in breathing. If a person does not have any underlying heart disease then the heart palpitations are considered to be benign

, but then if it occurs frequently and the person is susceptible to heart diseases, it has to be considered seriously. Heart palpitations can sometimes be symptoms of certain illnesses like coronary heart disease, emphysema or asthma and therefore if it occurs frequently then its I better to consult a doctor

Causes of palpitations

  • Heart palpitation can occur due to anxiety, stress, fear or panic and may also be felt during any vigorous physical activity.
  • Some of the medical conditions that can cause palpitation are dehydration, anemia, fever, low blood pressure and low blood sugar levels.
  • Hormonal changes that occur during menstruation, perimenopausal period and pregnancy can also palpitations and if palpitations occur during pregnancy it can be signs of anemia.
  • Some medications like asthma inhalers, diet pills, herbal and nutritional supplements or decongestants can also cause palpitations.
  • Intake of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and street drugs like cocaine are also said to be causes of heart palpitations.

Symptoms of heart palpitations

  • Heart palpitations can be felt by many people, but often it goes unnoticed unless the person takes an effort to notice it by concentrating on the heartbeat.

  • There are some cases where palpitations can interrupt other thoughts of the person and make them feel the abnormal heartbeat.
  • The usual symptoms of hearing palpitations are fluttering heartbeats, heartbeats that seem to be pumping harder than normal, skipped heartbeats and fast heartbeats.
  • These palpitations can be felt in the neck, throat and the chest and can occur when you are at rest or when you are active.
  • Dizziness, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, fainting, fullness of throat, vomiting and chest pain are some of the other symptoms of palpitations.

Home remedies for heart palpitation

  1. Some of the home remedies that are used for controlling hear palpitations include consumption of fresh grape juice, peppermint tea and chamomile tea.
  2. Fresh grapes are said to be very good for palpitations and consuming fresh grape juice at regular intervals can help relieve palpitations.
  3. Having honey with warm water and lemon juice is another remedy that is used commonly for palpitations.
  4. Meditation and yoga can help calm the body and mind and is often suggested to people who are prone to heart palpitations as it can help reduce anxiety, fear and stress.
  5. Regular exercise like cycling, swimming are the excellent way to keep the heart healthy.
  6. Snake gourd leaves is very beneficial. Make a paste using snake gourd leaves and water. Squeeze the juice of it and take 2-3 tablespoon of this juice daily.

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