tinnitusAre you hearing some ringing noise in your ears even when there is no external sound source around you? The chances are there that you are suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition in which patient hears some buzzing or ringing sound in one ear or both. Tinnitus is a word, which is originated from Latin and it means ringing. The sound that the victim hears in tinnitus may be constant or at varied intervals.


There are two types of tinnitus problems, one is called subjective and the other one is called objective. In the objective tinnitus, apart from the patient, the people sitting very close to him can also hear the ringing sound inside of the ear. In the subjective tinnitus, only the patient can hear the sound in his ears, and this is more common type of tinnitus. The ringing sound in the ear disturbs the patient and in severe cases of tinnitus the patient can not sleep or concentrate due to the irritating sound.

Causes Of Tinnitus:

Most common cause of tinnitus is the destruction of the hearing nerve. This damage can be a result of aging or repeated exposure to excessive noise. The people who work in noisy factories are unusually susceptible to develop tinnitus. Objective tinnitus results from the increased blood turbulence in blood vessels near ear areas. Tumor in blood vessels, head injury, neck injury, high or low-blood pressure can also be the cause of tinnitus.

Home Remedy For Tinnitus:

  1. You should take Coenzyme Q10 300mg a day. It is strong antioxidants, which increase the resistance power of the body and improves the blood circulation.
  2. Avoid saturated fat, processed food, sugar and salt in your daily diet. These foods tend to worsen tinnitus problem.
  3. If you work in high-noise area, use ear plug or ear muffs.
  4. Include garlic, fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables in your diet.
  5. Make your diet rich in protein, Vitamin A, B, E, zinc and iron.
  6. Taking hot and cold bath alternatively sometimes proved useful in curing tinnitus.
  7. Eating dry-fruits increase the blood circulation and therefore, valuable for patients suffering from tinnitus.
  8. Eating a fresh pineapple daily is extremely helpful in curing this problem.
  9. Avoid coffee tea and sugary foods as they tend to increase tinnitus problem.
  10. Few drops of onion juice in the ear sometimes help in preventing the ringing inside ears.
  11. Few drops of Maidenhair tree extract in the ear is an effective home remedy for buzzing sound in the ear.

These are some simple tip that you can follow to treat tinnitus.

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Posted on: 23.02.2015 12:32

Objective tinnitus results from the increased blood turbulence in blood vessels near ear areas.


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