baby-coughIt is exceedingly common to catch cold for babies because they don’t have well established strong immune system. It might be darned upsetting to newly parents, and they might get panic believing their baby has some serious problem. But remember that the cough is not going to end the life of your baby, so don’t look for strong medication, to quickly heal your baby. Experienced and well-informed parents avoid use of medical drugs for

problems like cough and cold because of the side-effect on infant health. These common health problems provide support to the development of resistance system of babies, so it is better not to run for strong medical drugs, but take care of it with alternative medicines.
If you are seriously concerned about your kid, here are some natural ways to treat cough of your baby which can help you both to get some decent sleep.

Tips to Cure Baby Cough:

  1. Give half teaspoon of honey to the kids with age 2-5 years and full teaspoon with age 6-11 years. Avoid honey for the children age less than a year as honey may cause infant botulism.
  2. Never smoke near your baby as it may further irritate the inflamed airways stirred up due to cough.
  3. Giving the hot water bath will sooth your baby but water should not be too warm. Adding few drops of thyme or sage oil drops in the warm water will help you to sooth the airways of you baby.
  4. Give your baby natural and healthy diet. If you are breast-feeding mother, then it is hugely crucial for you also to have healthy and natural diet.
  5. Give your children some metal stimulation by walking in a park or walking on the beach. Ensure that you wrapped your baby in warmly cloths while going outside in cold.
  6. For toddler, homeopathic medicine can be given without any side-effect.
  7. If your child has a fever along with cough and it in not fading in 2-3 days, you must seek a doctor.
  8. Your baby must be always hydrated. For infants, stick to breast milk. Oral electrolytes designed for infants can also be given.

These are few points that you should remember for tackling the baby cough problem. Most of the case, baby cough is not a serious problem and can be tackled with home remedies.

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