Hysteria is a mental disorder that is characterized by emotional excitability. It is a behavior that is associated hysteriawith exhibiting uncontrollable or excessive emotion. The emotion can be fear or panic and is known to be caused due to events that may have occurred in one’s past. There are two different types of disorders that are now the terms used to describe hysteria and they are somatoform disorders and dissociative disorders.

Somatoform disorders involve physical symptoms and dissociative disorders involve interruptions in aspects of memory, consciousness and identity.

Causes of hysteria

  • Some of the causes of hysteria are undue stress, past trauma, conflict, history of abuse, psychological disorders, brain disorders, dementia, depression, drugs, alcoholism, brain tumor etc.
  • Repression of aggressive or sexual behavior is also widely talked about as a cause for hysteria. Heredity is also known to be a very important part in the causation of hysteria.
  • As hysteria is to do with the mental condition of a person, there is a wide range of causes that it can be attributed to.
  • Any event in the person’s life that would have given a lot of mental stress, fear, depression, worry, trauma are all considered to be probable causes of hysteria

Symptoms of hysteria

  • There is a wide range of symptoms that are associated with hysteria and the onset of the hysterical attacks is often unexpected and can be very unpredictable.
  • Some of the common symptoms of hysteria are crying without a cause, inappropriate sadness or happiness, cramps in the hands and legs, constricted throat, laughter that is almost conclusive, mild rumblings from the belly, deep sighing, contracted facial muscles, involuntary movements, partial paralysis, abnormal muscle contractions, temporary blindness, tunnel vision, blurred vision, heightened senses, etc.

Home remedies for hysteria

  1. Some of the home remedies for hysteria that are known have to do a lot with the diet of the person. People who have hysteria should be put under a fruit diet that has oranges, grapes, apples, pineapples, grapefruits, papayas, etc.

  2. After a week, an exclusive milk diet can be followed for a month or a combination of fruit and milk diet.
  3. Taking one teaspoon of honey every day is said to be good for hysteria.
  4. Macerated fresh pulp of bottle gourd can be used to apply over the head of the person as an external medication.
  5. Other home remedies include having a cup of lettuce juice that is mixed with a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry everyday and having a cup of milk that is mixed with one gram of powdered herb rauwolfia every morning and evening.
  6. Sleep and regular exercise is must for the person suffering from Hysteria.
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