head-liceHave you noticed lately that your lovely daughter is scratching her hair several times a day? She is not able to concentrate on her study and start scratching her hair in between. If you see such kind of symptoms then you should immediately check your daughter hair, and the chances are exceptionally high that she is suffering from head lice.

What are head Lice?

Head lice are tiny parasites that live on human head. Though they are not harmful yet you can not tolerate anyone to live on the blood of your daughter. They are remarkably common in the kids of age 5-12. The unfortunate part is they are highly contagious and infect other innocent children through various ways.

How are they transmitted?

Head lice are wingless so they can not affect one child to other through air. Children playing on carpet make a good chance for lice to get new victims. Jackets and back packs of children hanging from one hook give lice plenty of a chance to crawl. These Lice love sharing of hats and jackets. They can also move from one child to other via close cuddle.

Facts about Head Lice:

Head lice are wingless parasite that can not jump or fly but certainly crawl between close friends. Their life span is around 35 days. Male and female lice mate multiple times in a day and a female louse can produce 150 eggs in her life span. These eggs take around 7 days to hatch, and during this period they stick with hair shaft with glue like substance covering the egg.

What parents should do:

  • If you find your daughter scratching her head you should check her hair for lice. If she is truly suffering from head lice, you should comb her hair with a nit comb (Made for lice) once or twice a week. A magnifying glass can be useful in identifying nits.
  • Head lice can only be transmitted with direct contact, so you should avoid sharing of hats or friendly cuddle in your children, if any of them hasĀ  head lice. You should mark the hats with children name to avoid mingling.
  • There is no such treatment available that can remove all lice and nits in one go, so regular treatment and combing should be followed till all the lice are gone. Lice shampoo can eliminate the lice, but they are not as effective on eggs, so combing is a must to get rid of lice. They are hard to kill with the use of only chemical because if they survive somehow from the chemical there body become resistant to such type chemical. Any left nit can create the life cycle again so be knowledgeable about this fact before stopping the treatment.

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