acidity-home-remediyAcidity is one of the most common problem that every people face somewhere in their life. It is problem related to stomach ans caused by acid imbalance in intestine. It happens due to unhealthy eating habits, allergy to particular food item and some medications. Burning sensation in stomach is the most common symptom of acidity accompanied with acute pain in stomach and dry throat. Regular acidity can cause constipation.

Home Remedy For Acidity:

Acidity is very common problem and every time going for medication to cure acidity is not a good idea. You can try home remedies for treatment of acidity which are safe and very effective. Here are few home remedies that you can try to get rid of acidity

Cold Milk:

Cold milk is very effective in treatment of acidity. It is even advised by many acidity doctors. The milk that you should use for treatment of acidity must be cold because coldness of milk eases the burning sensation. If you take hot milk instead of cold, it will only aggravate the problem.

Butter Milk:

A very simple home remedy for treatment of acidity is butter milk. Take a glass of thin butter milk with a pinch of black pepper powder. You can also add cumin powder and rock salt to the butter milk. It will not only make the butter milk tasty but also more effective.


Mint leaves are proved to be one of the greatest home remedy to cool the stomach. Take half glass of mint juice twice a day. You can also boil mint leaves in a cup of water and sip it slowly after meals. You can also consume mint juice before meals to keep acidity at bay.


Pineapple is very effective in treatment of digestive disorder. It acts like a tonic. Pineapple juice reduces the amount of acid from stomach. Take a half glass of fresh pineapple juice after the meal to get rid of acidity.

Eating Habits:

Bad eating habit is one of the causes of acidity. Never take too much gap between meals. Avoid spicy, fried and heavy food. Over eating is the main cause of acidity.


Another effective home remedy for treatment of acidity is onion juice.


Water is excellent and simple remedy for treatment of acidity. Take warm water with a pinch of salt to treat acidity. Coconut water is another effective home remedy for acidity. It keeps the body hydrated and stomach cool. You should take coconut water empty stomach to get more benefits.


Fruit juices like watermelon, cucumber are very effective to sooth stomach. Lemon juice is also very effective and known for giving relief from acidity. These juices are alkaline in nature thus helpful in treatment of acidity.


Yoghurt or curd eases the burning sensation of stomach thus helpful in acidity. Take two tablespoon of curd in a glass of water, mix it well and add salt as per taste. Drink this solution three times in a day. You can add cumin powder to make the solution tasty as well as more effective. Raita prepared by curd is also very effective for acidity. If you cannot avoid heavy food, take a bowl of curd raita with it to neglect effect of heavy food.


Almonds are great for acidity cure. Eat almonds daily to avoid acidity buildup.


Fruits like papaya, water melon, banana, apples, tomatoes, cucumber are excellent for acidity treatment. Banana is an excellent fruit for reducing stomach acid. You can also try banana shake for reducing stomach acid.

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