bone-spurBone spur is a common medical disorder which is also known as osteophytes. Though you may not be familiar with the term bone spur by name, but there are high chances that you are aware of this disorder. This disorder is related to unwanted growth of bones. The extra bone that emerges over the normal bone is known as bone spur.

This extra bone is fundamentally the accumulation of calcium over the normal bone. Sometimes you may feel the bone spurs by feeling your bones, but in some cases, you may develop bone spurs in such places, which are not traceable at all. You may have bone spurs without knowing it.

Causes of Bone Spurs:

There are many causes of development of bone spurs. Heel spur is the most common type of bone spur, which take place, as a body response to repair heels by building additional bone. Aging is another reason for development of bone spur. The other things that may cause bone spur are

  • Constant pressure or rubbing in a particular area of the body
  • Arthritis or any other bone disease
  • Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH)
  • Physical injuries

Symptoms of Bone Spurs:

Bone spurs causes pain due to abrasion or pressing against other bones. Most common areas for development of bone spurs are heels, spine, shoulders, hands, hips and knees. You may have following symptoms depending upon the area:

  • Pain in your back or neck
  • Pain in your shoulders, arms or legs
  • Pain in heels while walking or standing

Home remedies for bone spurs:

Bone spurs may not cause pain in its early phase, but as the bone grows further, it may lead to severe pain due to abrasion or pressing around nearby bone, muscles or ligaments. You should take medical attention to prevent growth of bone in early stage so that it should not cause pain in later stage. Painful, fully developed bone spurs have no alternative but need surgery. You can try following home remedies to alleviate the pain caused by bone spurs:

  1. You can apply ice packs over the inflamed area of bone spur to feel some relief from inflammation.
  2. Curcumin is effective in treatment of bone spur. Taking 500 to 1000 mg of curcumin empty stomach three four times in a day is extremely useful.
  3. You can apply hot pack of flaxseed over the affected area to get relief from inflammation.
  4. You can use cheese cloth for treatment of bone spur. Soak cheese cloth in warm linseed oil and apply it over the affected area for two hours.
  5. Alterative bath of the affected area with warm and chilled water also provide relief from inflammation and pain.
  6. These are some basic home remedies which will help you to manage the pain and inflammation caused by bone spur.

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