guavaGuava is a tropical tree which is originated from Central America and later become hugely popular in Asia. It is cultivated mainly in Asian countries. Scientific name for guava is Psidium Guajava. It is truly delicious fruits when eaten with salt. Raw guava looks green but gradually changes it color to yellow as it ripens.

The inside pulp of guava may be white or maroon color. Guava is extremely valuable fruit in many health problems. It is extremely beneficial in digestive problems like diarrhea, dysentery and constipation. It is also beneficial in some common health issues like cough, cold, high blood pressure and weight loss.

Health Benefit of Guava in Diarrhea:

Guava is a fruit which is rich in astringents. This is a compound which makes your gums tight and stronger. This compound tends to constrict the body tissue. This property of guava is extremely beneficial in diarrhea. In diarrhea, whatever food or water you take, it comes out without staying much in the stomach. In this way, body does not absorb the necessary ingredients from fluid. If body looses too much fluid, you can get sick from dehydration.

The astringents compound in guava helps in binding the loose bowls and make it stay longer inside stomach. It makes guava particularly useful fruit during diarrhea. Also, these astringents contain antibacterial and disinfectant properties, which are highly beneficial in combating with microbial growth during dysentery.

Guava leaves are used to treat diarrhea in villages. Boil guava leaves with a pinch of salt and then cool it. Drink half cup of this juice every 3-4 hours in diarrhea that will slows down diarrhea and provide the necessary energy that body need. You should continuously consume water, and if possible coconut water to replenish fluid loss during diarrhea.

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