drink-coconut-waterCoconut water is water that is taken out from the unripe coconut. Coconut water is fresh water with low carbohydrate and sugar and typically 99% free of fats. Coconut water is filled with many organic compounds which are extremely beneficial for body. It is one of the best drink to hydrate body. In sanskrit coconut is known as kalp-vriksha which means a tree which provide all necessary things for living.

Choosing right type of coconut:

Coconut water comes from inside of green coconut. If you open a fresh unripe coconut, you will see slight opaque clear coconut water. As the coconut ripes, its inner water also get harden and become a part of white flesh of the coconut. So you should choose unripe coconut to ensure that you will get all the benefits of coconut water.

Coconut water as a beverage:

Coconut water is nature isotonic beverage which contain same concentration of salt and sugar as in the human body. In terms of nutrition, it is also more beneficial than milk and even better than sport drinks. It contains more amount of potassium than banana which is known as a great source of potassium. It contains low fat, low cholesterol and low calorie. So coconut water is a natural drink which is biologically healthy and as rewarding as sport drinks.

Health benefits of coconut water:

  1. Coconut water is best drink to hydrate the body. It replenishes the fluid and minerals that we loose during workout.
  2. consuming coconut water daily reduces urinary track problems
  3. It helps in breaking out kidney stones making it easier to throw out.
  4. It keeps the body cool and make it at natural temperature.
  5. It improves the body immunity.
  6. It helps in cleaning the digestive track.
  7. It boost blood circulation and helps in carrying oxygen and nutrients to cell
  8. It is antibacterial in nature and helps in fighting the viruses like HIV, Herpes and flu.
  9. It is advised to drink coconut water regularly during pregnancy as it helps in fulfilling the nutrition requirements during pregnancy

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