anginaAngina pectoris shortly know as angina is a condition characterized by chest pain. The main cause of the condition is the lack of adequate blood flow through the heart muscle. Many people commonly react to the angina chest pain as heart attack. The intense pain caused by angina may resemble a heart attack as a result of the crushing feeling many sufferers experience.

The pain intensity varies from one sufferer to the next. Other people may experience some form of pain on the jaw, neck, back as well as shoulders, in addition to chest pain.

Common causes of Angina Pectoris:

Angina pain may come as a result of coronary heart disease, aortic valve disorder and cardiovascular problems. Age is another risk factor; it affects men above 55 years and above 65 years for women. A person suffering from hypertension is at risk of an angina attack. People suffering from Diabetes Mellitus are also at risk of attack. People with a family history of cardiovascular disease may also be at risk of getting angina attack. Other risk factors include physical inactivity, kidney disease, smoking cigarettes, dyslipidemia and obesity. People with atherosclerosis can experience chest pain brought by angina pectoris.

Symptoms of Angina Pectoris:

Chest pain is the most common symptom of angina pectoris. In addition to chest pain, a sufferer may have pain in the surrounding areas of the upper body like jaw, shoulders, inner arms, back and neck. Other symptoms include

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • breathlessness and
  • Sweating during an attack

Home Remedies for Angina Pectoris:

Many people use home remedies, which have been in use for many centuries. Some of these remedies are ideal for the treatment of angina as well as common heart problems. Angina is very serious problem and you need to visit your doctor for treatment but you can follow these home remedies to support the treatment.

  1. Lemon: many people find that lemon juice is an effective treatment of angina. This is because lemon juice eliminates and stops cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels.
  2. Garlic: this is a beneficial well being food, which helps in effective treatment of a variety of health problems including angina. This food also minimizes the effect of an angina attack on a patient.
  3. Grapefruit: This natural tonic improves the functions of the heart. Many people include grapefruits in their diet to help in curing angina.
  4. Basil leaves: many home remedies have basil leaves as a major ingredient. Basil leaves can also be used to make a remedy for angina pectoris. These leaves are chewable and may be taken in the morning. This may help an angina sufferer to minimize the effects of the disorder.
  5. Lemon with Honey: Take a glass of warm water and squeeze half cut slice of lemon and add one teaspoon of honey. Mix it together and drink it before first thing in the morning.
  6. Onion: Onion juice is also very effective for angina suffering person. Take onion juice in the morning. It reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and helps to deliver proper blood supply to the heart.
  7. Parsley tea: Taking parsley tea or beet root juice two times in a day is very effective in treatment of angina.
  8. Diet Change: Increase fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as they are very essential to avoid any type of cardiovascular disease.


Things To Avoid in Angina Pectoris:

  • You should quit smoking if you are an angina patient.
  • Reduce excess weight as excess weight is one of the main contributors of health problems.
  • Avoid sedentary life and do regular exercise. This is necessary for proper blood circulation in the body.
  • Avoid food that contains high cholesterol.
  • Avoid high sugar things like soft drinks.

Angina or Chest Pain Treatment at Home:

  • When you feel pain in your chest, stop all the work that you are doing.
  • Lie down on a comfortable position keeping your head up.
  • You can take one aspirin or equivalent but not more than that as it may cause some other unwanted side effects.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

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