Every woman cherishes the desire to be a mother and inherent motherhood is latent in her. Hence when a woman is graced with divine motherhood a celestial pleasure gets the better of her and a sweet sensation of mirth and pleasure bubbles within her soul. Since the moment of inception she starts countdown when the moment tinged with pain and pleasure comes to drift her to a different world named motherhood.

Whatever pleasure is there motherhood is always associated with galore of problems. She is prone to vulnerable pregnancy related complications and bears the brunt of rapid hormonal changes in her body. One such gravest complication is constipation during pregnancy and to dodge the problem it is better to opt for home remedies as the traditional medicines have tremendous side effects and there are detrimental effects on the mother and the foetus.

Causes of Constipation During Pregnancy:

Actually constipation during pregnancy is caused due to some digestive problems and mal functioning of peristalsis due to retaining of excessive moisture in the body. The body of the new mother gradually becomes a hurdle to normal functioning of the intestinal functions as the uterus grows in size and constant pressure is thrust thereon. Again the intake of iron and different vitamin medicines also leads to constipation too. Hence to avoid the nagging problems it is better to opt for the home remedies during pregnancy. Traditional remedies should be better avoided as severe other problems may embitter the sweet moments.

Home remedies for constipation During Pregnancy:

Home remedies during pregnancy do not hint at taking pills or potions that are obviously different from the traditional ones. Home remedies refer to follow some effective measures that can help the bubbling mother to steer clear her way through the most embarrassing problem like constipation. During pregnancy the mother should take enough water so that the peristalsis movement (intestinal movements) becomes boosted owing to better hydration of the digestive tract. If plain water seems not after the choice it is better to take enough fruit juice, and tasty oral fluids. Again regular intake of vegetables packed with fibres and different fruits like banana, pear, orange and grape should be encouraged.
The carrying mother can follow some home remedies to avoid constipation. These simple home remedies are

  1. High fiber food is very essential for easy bowl movement. You should eat food like cereals, pulses, wholegrain chapatti, vegetables and fruits each day.
  2. Drink plenty of water each day. It is very essential to take adequate fluid as it helps in ease bowl movement.
  3. Squeeze half cut lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it early in the morning. It helps a lot in smooth bowl movement.
  4. Dry fruits like dates, prunes (munakka) and raisins are very effective in treatment of constipation.
  5. If the mother can walk briskly for some time she will be benefited.
  6. Yoga may help dodging the problem of constipation during pregnancy but must be done under the supervision of some yoga experts..
  7. Coconut water is very effective in treatment of constipation and other pregnancy ailments like urinary track infections.

Things Not to Do to avoid Constipation in Pregnancy:

  • You should never use laxative to clean bowls.
  • Regular intake of noodles and synthetic preparations made with refined flour should be avoided.
  • Take plenty of fluids but Soft drinks must be kept aside.

If constipation leads to utter frustration it is better to take the opinion of an obstetrician. The mother should avoid purgatives and over the counter medicines. Constipation during pregnancy is no easy matter; for sometimes it leads to piles and fissures that cause pain and discomfort.

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Posted on: 04.05.2013 15:45

Thank you, This post was of a good help to me I am in my 5th month pregnancy hence suffer chronic constipation!


Posted on: 07.05.2013 16:19

Constipation during pregnancy is a normal condition. There could be number of factors which contributes to constipation during pregnancy and one of these is the large intake of vitamins and iron.Since these are required for the development of the baby and health of mother therefore it is better to avoid taking allopathic medicines to treat constipation, which is where natural home remedies for treating constipation becomes helpful and they don't have the so called side effects as well.


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