arteriosclerosisArteriosclerosis is the condition where artery walls thicken. This is one of the most common diseases currently resulting in the disability and death of many senior citizens. This condition comes after atherosclerosis, which is characterized by plaque or fatty deposits lining the walls of the blood vessels.

The brain and heart arteries are the most affected by this condition. Arteriosclerosis affects blood vessels by narrowing them and reducing blood vessel elasticity. This condition results in hampering of the blood circulation. It can affect blood vessels in all parts of the body with varying effects. For example, arteriosclerosis in the heart can lead to an angina attack, heart attack or coronary heart disease. If the heart blood vessels are affected, a patient may have a stroke, an aneurysm or a transient ischemic attack.

Causes of arteriosclerosis:

  • Obesity, stress and diabetes: these conditions may increase the risk of getting arteriosclerosis. They cause the hardening of blood vessels. Emotional stress can also increase the risk of getting a heart attack for people with mental disturbances.
  • Poor diet and physical inactivity: the most common causes of arteriosclerosis are fat, rich diet, high cholesterol intake, excessive consumption of white sugar and refined foods and lack of physical activity.
  • Genetic inheritance: another cause of arteriosclerosis is heredity, where family members pass the disease from one generation to the next.

Symptoms of arteriosclerosis

The symptoms depend on the vessel affected.

  1. The first symptoms of the condition are visible in the legs. This may lead to numbness, coldness and cramps in the legs.
  2. Arteries in the heart may lead to sharp pains in the chest as in angina pectoris, if the coronary vessels are affected by arteriosclerosis. Kidney disorders might be as a result of this condition.
  3. When this condition affects the brain arteries, haemorrhage may occur. When the blood vessels burst and form clots in the brain, the patient might suffer a stroke resulting in partial or permanent paralysis.
  4. Elderly people may experience memory loss and confusion at the initial stages of the disease.

Home remedies for treatment of arteriosclerosis

Juices: vegetable juices such as Beet juice help in the reduction of cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood vessels.

Parsley: parsley has a host of several minerals, which prove beneficial in the effective treatment of arteriosclerosis.
Lemon: the lemon peel has a host of minerals such as vitamin p. vitamin p helps in strengthening the arteries in the body. Patient suffering from this condition can add small pieces of lemon peels to soups and stews.

Onion: Onion juice is also an effective home remedy for Arteriosclerosis. Onion is known as blood thinner. Drinking one teaspoon of onion juice is very helpful in preventing Arteriosclerosis.

Green tea: another home remedy for prevention of Arteriosclerosis is green tea. It contains anti-oxidants and helpful in lowering LDL and increasing HDL.

Water: Drinking lot of water daily is also an effective way to prevent Arteriosclerosis.

These are few simple home remedies that you can follow to prevent Arteriosclerosis.

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