colitis.jpgColitis is a medical disorder in which a person feels severe pain and inflammation in the colon. Irritable colon causes lot of discomfort and irregular bowls.  The people suffering from colitis generally become tensed and anxious. In severe cases of colitis which is known as chronic ulcerative colitis, ulcer is formed in the side walls of colon that results in passing of blood along with stool. The loss of blood along with stool causes many other health related issues like weakness, fever, nausea, vomiting or anemia.


Causes of colitis:

The main cause of colitis is improper indigestion which may be due to prolong constipation, stressful lifestyle and bad eating habits. Excessive use of medicine and some food allergy can also be the cause of colitis.

Symptoms of colitis:

Most common symptom associated with colitis is abdominal pain and diarrhea. The other symptoms include frequent urge to clear bowl and release of blood from along with stool. People also feel weakness and fever depending on the type of colitis. Excessive loss of blood can result in anemia.

Natural Tips to cure Colitis:

  1. Rice is an excellent food for the people suffering from colitis. Rice is easy to digest and contains low fiber which sooths the colon. Rice mixed with curd and one or two ripe banana is advised for the colitis patients.
  2. People suffering from colitis must include fruits like banana and apple in their daily diet. Taking 2-3 ripe banana daily is advised by the doctors for the patients suffering from colitis as it helps in recovery from colitis. Apple is also excellent fruits for colitis patients.
  3. Coconut water is also effective for the treatment of colitis as it improves the digestion.
  4. Butter milk is an effective home remedy for colitis patients.
  5. You should avoid any food that makes the symptoms worse. Some people have lactose intolerance. They must limit their intake of dairy products.
  6. Take small meals five-six times in day instead of filling your stomach with big meals for one or two time.
  7. Increase daily fluid intake. Water is excellent drink for this purpose. You should avoid beverage containing caffeine as it stimulates intestine and make diarrhea worse. Also avoid carbonated drinks as they cause more gas formation.
  8. Stress is very harmful for the patient of colitis. Stress disturbs the normal digestion process and makes the colitis symptoms worse. You should learn the ways to manage your stress like Yoga, exercise and breathing techniques.
  9. Marshmallow roots can be added in your diet as they sooth and heal inflamed mucous membranes.
  10. Papaya along with peppermint and garlic is assumed an excellent remedy for colitis. It also heals colon and improve digestion.
  11. Protein rich diet is important for colitis patient as it makes the walls and ligaments surrounding the colon healthy.
  12. Chilly, spicy and oily foods should be strictly restricted.

These are few natural tips that may help you in fighting colitis.

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