sunburn-home-remedySunburn is a medical condition in which our skin got damaged due to overexposure to sun radiation.  The sunlight comprises of many wavelength of light, some of which false in ultraviolet wavelength region. When our skin got overexposed to the light falling under ultraviolet region, it may damage the skin which is known as sunburn. The damage to skin may have many forms which include blisters, wrinkles, freckles, sun-spots and cysts. In extreme cases a person may develop skin cancer.


How Sun-Rays Affect The Skin:

UV rays that reach to earth is further classified in two groups. One is UV-A rays and other one is UV-B rays. UV-B rays is absorbed by the upper layer of skin and thus damage the upper layer of skin which result is red rashes and sun spots. UV-A rays penetrate the upper layer of skin and damage the skin from deep inside. These rays cause skin problems like wrinkles, premature aging and loss of skin elasticity.

Home Remedy For Sunburn:

Sun-rays are a good source of vitamin D so the exposure to sun rays is very essential. Though, it is always recommended that your skin should be exposed to sun-rays only in morning not in peak hours. During peak hours, due to high intensity of sun rays, it may damage our skin severely. If you could not avoid going into sun during peak hours, you must apply sunscreen to avoid skin damage. But in case, if you have got sunburn, due to some unavoidable circumstances, you may try these simple home remedies to treat sunburn.

  1. To get relief from the pain caused by sunburn, you may apply cotton soaked cold milk on the affected area.
  2. You can also rub mustard oil over the affected skin. It will not only cure sunburn but also give relief.
  3. Add some baking soda in the warm water and soak your body in it. It is considered very effective in treatment of sunburn.
  4. You can also add apple cider vinegar in the warm water and take a bath. It balance the pH of skin and speed up the skin healing process.
  5. AloeVera is very helpful in treatment of sunburn. Extract aloevera gel from its leaves and apply over affected skin. It not only reduces the pain and inflammation but also heals the skin quickly.
  6. You can also apply yogurt over the affect skin. It cools and provide soothing experience to the skin.
  7. Make a paste from mixing raw egg, honey and barley flour. Apply the paste over the sunburn area and wash it off after 15 minutes.
  8. Cucumber or potato slice can also be applied over sunburn areas.
  9. Take vinegar and olive oil in equal proportion and apply over the affected skin. You can wash it after one hour.
  10. Make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder with water. Apply this paste over sunburn area. It gives relief from burning sensation.

These are few simple home remedies that you can try in your home to cure skin damage caused by sunburn.

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