skin-burnSkin burn is a very painful experience that we realize when we come in contact with any hot surface. Skin burns mainly occurs when our skin exposed to any heat source like steam, chemical, fire. There are many things in our home especially in kitchen that can cause skin burn.

Degree of burn:

Doctors classify the burn in terms damaged caused by heat source to the skin. The first degree skin burn involves only the damage to skin outer layer. The second degree burn harms the layer beneath the skin and the third degree burn causes damage to all layers of skin.

Causes of Burn:

The main cause of skin burn is the involvement of skin with heat. The main sources of heat can be summarized as:

  • Contact with fire
  • Chemical Burn
  • Electricity burn
  • Sunburn
  • Steam Burn
  • Radiation

Symptoms of burn:

  • Other than skin damage, you may experience headache, fever, weakness or even faintness. Some symptoms depend on the degree of burn.
  • For first degree of burn, you generally experience red skin, mild pain and minor swelling over the affected area.
  • In second degree of burn, the main symptoms are swelling, peeling of skin, severe pain, blisters on skin. The affected area may look wet with bright pink color.
  • Third degree burn involves charred skin with severe pain and numbness.

Home remedy for burn:

  1. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to apply ice on the affected area. If ice is not available, you can dip the area in chilled water or put it in running water.
  2. Applying honey over the burn area and then cover it with bandage is an excellent remedy for skin burn. Honey helps in quick healing of the skin.
  3. Applying yogurt on the burn area provide relief. Put a generous amount of yogurt on the burnt skin and let it be there for around 15 minutes. Yogurt cools down the skin and provides relief from burn pain.
  4. Onion is also an effective home remedy in curing the skin burn. Cut a onion in half and put it over the burnt skin.
  5. You can dip the burnt skin in milk to get some relief.
  6. Egg white is also very effective in treatment of skin burn. Apply egg white over affected skin and leave it there for few minutes.
  7. To lighten the scar caused by burn, you can apply Vitamin E oil over the scar.
  8. Papaya pulp is also effective in treatment of skin burn. Enzymes present in the papaya heal the skin and remove the dead cells.
  9. Put aloevera or tomato juice over the skin. It will take away the burn.
  10. Burn a large piece of cotton and collect the ash in a bowl. Mix the ash with olive oil to make a thick paste. Apply this black thick paste over burnt area and cover it with a film. This is very effective remedy for skin burn.

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