Hair loss can be a psychologically damaging experience for the sufferer, especially if it occurs rapidly and for unknown causes. Both men and women can experience hair loss at any time, for reasons including genetics, stress, a hormonal imbalance, environmental factors and a poor diet.
There are treatments to address hair loss, but before you attempt to find a solution to your problem it may be a brilliant idea to find out the cause of your hair loss.

Winter Hair Care

Dry and cold air doesn’t only harm our skin but also damages our hair. That’s why it is extremely crucial to treat it with extra care during the cold season. Below I made a list with the most valuable things you should keep in mind if you want to stay out of hair trouble.


They say that the hair is a person’s crowning glory and having healthy hair can also boost one’s self confidence. An itchy scalp does not only bring shame, but it could also affect the mood of a person. Of course, there’s embarrassment in scratching your scalp constantly and some people might think that you are inflicted with lice.


Are you frustrated with your greasy hair? Does it playing chaos on your hair style and making look of your hair dirty? The greasy hair required frequent washing as well as shampooing of hair but if you are tired of it and wish for some other way to tackle this problem, this article is for you.


Are you tired of your frizzy and curly hair, and longing for smooth straight hair. Keratin hair treatment could be a suitable choice for you. This treatment has gradually become extremely popular and now it is one of the most admired hair smoothing and straightening choice available.


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