Getting straight hair is the dream of many women but only few have natural straight hair. If you are one of those unfortunate women who lack natural straight hair, there are many products in the market to make your hair straight and fulfill your dreams. Hair irons are one of those products which are frequently used to make hair straight. But getting your hair straight with flat irons comes at a price, it slowly damage your hair.


Don’t get mislead by colorful and promising advertisement and bring a hair dryer which you later found unsuitable for your hair.  The market is brimming with the mass of hairdryers, featuring different merits. If you are unsure about what suits your need or what is best hairdryer for your type of hair then this article is for you.


There is a lot of discussion if chlorine in water causes hair fall.  Some people say, chlorine in water is hugely damaging to hair, and causes hair fall, but other don’t agree with this. In this article, we will discuss  the impact of chlorine water on hair.


From the ancient, Long hair is always associated with beauty, and everybody in this world longs for strong, healthy and shiny hair. Such kind of hair requires regular care and Diet. Our hair needs protein, Vitamins and nutrients that can only be supplied with proper diet. If you think, there should be a magical potion that can make your hair lustrous, then  there is, nothing like magic, but some basic vitamins which can do wonders.


Yearning to make your hair healthy, silky and shiny? Have you tried a lot of hair products but could not get the effect that you are longing for? Are you tired of market synthetic hair products that are continuously damaging your hair and now you are searching for a natural alternative for making your hair lustrous. The solution is right in your home, or more precisely in your refrigerator..Yes, I am talking about egg which has stunning feature to make your hair look like celebrities.


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