alopecia-home-remedyAlopecia is a medical condition which is related with hair fall. Alopecia is a common term used world-wide for baldness. Alopecia covers many types of baldness situations. This situation varies from hair fall on some are of scalp to hair fall all over the body. It is not a contagious disease so you need not to avoid people suffering from alopecia.

Causes of alopecia:

There are many causes of alopecia or we can say different type of alopecia have different causes. Most men in world inherit male patterned baldness from family or develop it due to hormone imbalance. DHT (dihydrotestosteone) is the hormone responsible for alopecia in men. In women the main causes of alopecia is thyroid disease, pregnancy, menopause or postpartum. Sometimes alopecia is also caused by problem in immune system.

Stress, poor blood circulation in scalp and excessive dandruff can also result in baldness or alopecia.

Home remedy for alopecia:

A natural cure to hair loss is always better and less expensive. Here are some simple but effective methods to prevent hair loss.

Amla oil:

Amla oil is very effective tonic for hair growth. Amla oil is prepared by boiling few dry pieces of amla in coconut oil. Natural shampoo made by eqal amount of amla juice and lime juice is also effective in simulating hair growth.

Rubbing the scalp:

One of the common causes of hair fall is poor blood circulation in scalp. The circulation in scalp can be increased by rubbing or massaging scalp. Scalp massage using essential oil is very beneficial. Take few drops of lavender oil on scalp and massage it thoroughly daily.

Coconut Milk:

Applying coconut milk over scalp and massaging it make the hair root strong and promote hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding coconut shaving and extracting its juice.

Mustard oil and Henna:

Take 250 grams of mustard oil with 100 gram of henna leaves in a boiling pot and boil it. Allow this hot oil mixture to cool down and then apply it over the scalp. This mixture is very effective in simulating hair growth.

Daily diet:

Diet plays an important role not only to keep body healthy but also to keep hair healthy. Your diet should contain seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits.

Lettuce and spinach juice:

Lettuce is useful in preventing hair loss. Taking half litre of mixture of lettuce and spinach juice daily is very helpful in hair growth.

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