hair-straighteningWe people never seem to be satisfied with what we have, rather we long for what we can’t appear to own. For example, we’re not exercising but we desire great stamina, along with the same kind of thing applies to hairstyles. This declaration holds particularly true for women who have long curly hair that yearn for straight, shiny and long hair (during the other hand, ladies who were born with straight hair long for waves and curls…).

For the past couple of years, straight, shiny and long hair continues to be the most desired and wanted hairstyle and when it relates to hair, women will require great measures and spare no cost to maintain their hair as per the latest fashion. The tools for straight hair as blow dryers, flat irons, straighteners and a lot of other products that assert to wipe curls from your hair. Many people even expend hundreds of dollars to get straight and curl-free hair for just a few months through procedures like Brazilian blow-out or even Japanese hair straightening treatment. The most often asked question is if these processes and products really make a difference or do they damage your hair? Below we are going to explore some specifics about hair and also these products.

Straight, Curly or Wavy:

A lot of people wonder that why they have such curly or wavy hair rather than straight? The answer is very simple, the type of locks we have depends on something known as hair follicles. Our locks grow out of these follicles and the shape of our follicles depends on upon our genes.

Is Blow Drying Harmful?

In fact, your locks are already dead tissue therefore, it’s not like that you can kill it however blow drying can damage your hair’s cuticle which protects your hair. Heat may parch all the moisture your locks obtains from the shaft, moisture that is needed in order to safeguard your hair from damage.
Regardless that blow-drying is an affordable and easy way to straighten hair at your home (or even while travelling), but if you plan to do it on daily basis then you must condition your hair regularly too. Adding a diffuser into your blow-dryer is also can be a good choice and you are free to experience products that claim to safeguard your locks from heat damage.

Flat irons or Hair Straighteners:

Hair straighteners or flat irons carry out the same principle as like blow dryers. They employ heat to your locks and heat is potential of leading to damage when the high-temperature setting is employed or by regular use of hair straightener. Nevertheless, flat iron technology is developing every day, and you can lessen the damage by applying products which provide heat protection or apply a leave-in conditioner before straightening your locks.

Long-term straightening processes:

There was simply no limit to women’s joy who yearned for straight hair when they heard of a process named Brazilian blow-out process. This South American method is now quite eminent in spite of the lengthy procedure and expensive which can cost you up to $600.
The method compromises of presenting a formula known as keratin into your hair (hair is basically made up of a protein named keratin) followed by a high-temperature straightening method which leaves your locks with a smooth gloss. The trouble with this process is that a few products contain formaldehyde which is also a carcinogenic element. Canada in recent times issued a warning for residents to prohibit them from making use of a product named “Brazilian Blow Out Solution” since it includes dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.

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