Winter Hair CareDry and cold air doesn’t only harm our skin but also damages our hair. That’s why it is extremely crucial to treat it with extra care during the cold season. Below I made a list with the most valuable things you should keep in mind if you want to stay out of hair trouble.

Dry scalp:

This is a common issue in the winter time, causing itchiness and dehydration because of the unusually low temperatures. It is recommended to use silicon based oils if you are experiencing scalp dryness. This ingredient will hydrate the hair and scalp, protecting it from the rough weather.
Products  containing Panthenol are also effective in preventing itchiness, by sealing the moisture. Another secret ingredient that I suggest is the hyaluronic acid.

Split ends:

Even though split ends are a year round problem, they can get seriously damage during the winter because the hair tends to be drier in this season. The most efficient way of getting rid of split ends is, obviously, to trim your hair. But it is always better to prevent so you should considering using a conditioner each time after you shampoo, or if you have really, really dry hair you could get a leave in conditioner instead. When choosing a conditioner make sure to check the ingredients list and search for a product that is water based. Water should be the first ingredient on the list. Avoid products that contain many chemicals.

Hair growth:

Very few people know that hair grows slower during the winter. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but it is true. Hair growth is determined by the nutrients that we get into our system from foods. These nutrients are carried by blood to all organs including the hair follicles. The blood flow is higher during the hot season and lower during the cold season. Therefore in the winter we get fewer nutrients to our hair. If you combine that with the fact that we need to trim your hair because of the split ends you won’t be able to retain any length. I recommend using hair growth vitamins or supplements such as biotin, which is perfect for hair.


Nutrition is hugely essential for our heath in general but also for the health of our hair. According to nutritionists we should increase the amount of vitamins and minerals with up to 30 % during the winter in order to maintain the same level of nutrients in our system.
To round things up, winter is not a season that is easy on our hair, therefore significant attention and care is required. Follow the tips above and keep your hair safe. Good luck!

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Christine is a part time blogger and a beauty addict. She enjoys trying out different hairstyles and various hair regimens. Check out her website if you want to know what makes your hair grow.

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