how-buy-trimmerFor men, maintaining beard regularly has always been a tough chore job. But beard grow unevenly, it looks unattractive so it becomes very important to trim it so to have a neater and attractive look. Trimmers are very safe and convenient way to achieve this but it is very important to know few points before selecting a trimmer for you.

Cordless and rechargeable:

It is very difficult to use a trimmer with cord so your trimmer must have option to operate cordlessly by removing the lead. A cordless beard trimmer will make the trimming experience very easy and eliminate many of the difficulties while trimming.

If your trimmer has removable batteries then it is also an excellent choice because it will make your trimmer a portable devise and you can use your trimmer while travelling when there is no power available.

Material of construction and accessories:

Make sure your trimmer blades are made of some tough metal like carbon steel so that it gives long life. It should contain three - four detachable combs of different size so that you can have beard with desired length. You can get trimmer with these basic accessories in around $30-$45. Top end trimmer have other useful accessories like vacuum for sucking hair that it trims.

Additional features:

There are lot of features available with trimmer which includes changeable beard length, remembering last trimming speed, vacuum for sucking hair and light weight. The price will increase with addition of features so you need to make a wise choice whether you need a particular feature or not.


Choosing a reputed brand may be little heavy on your budget initially but a reputed brand will offer a good value for money. The reputed brands provide usually long life.

These are few points that you should keep in your mind before buying a trimmer for yourself.

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